Welcome to Disney in your Day!

I want to start out by welcoming everyone to my brand new blog.  I am thrilled to start it and I hope you all will follow along!


What It’s About

I came up with the name “Disney in your Day” because I wanted a blog that was not just about one aspect of Disney, such as just about the theme parks, but about all of it.  How can you incorporate Disney into your every day life?  Whether that’s by going to the movies, decorating your house, playing a game, coming up with Disney outfits, or anything else, there’s a way to bring some pixie dust into your every day life.  I love the theme parks so there will definitely be a good bit of that, but pretty much anything Disney goes here!


About Me

I’ve been a Disney lover as long as I can remember – at the age of 7 I had all of the Lion King memorized and I forced my family to “perform” it with me in our living room(I was Simba, of course).  And when I visited Walt Disney World at the age of 8, I was completely hooked.  I wrote my own “guide book” and started saving my pennies in my Cinderella bank to go back again someday.  In 2011 I honeymooned there and got even more addicted (if that’s even possible!) and Disney has become a huge part of my life.

I currently work as a tutor and I’m working on a children’s novel as well.  For about a year I’ve been writing for the blog Come Home to Disney, and I will still contribute there occasionally, but much of the focus will now be on this new blog.

I am so excited to be starting Disney in your Day, so look for new content hopefully several times a week!  I also love feedback and would love to hear about what you might be interested in reading about.  Or if you might be interested in writing something for the blog, let me know that too!  You can always contact me by leaving a comment here or by emailing me at disneyinyourday@gmail.com.

Thanks, and have a magical day!


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