My Disney Bucket List


Awhile ago I sat down and wrote out my own Disney Bucket List, and shared it on the blog Come Home to Disney.  But since then I’ve added things to the list and I wanted to give you updates on my progress for each item.  Even though I’ve been to Disney numerous times, there are still lots of things I really want to do there.  Here is my list, including what I’ve already done from it… and I’m sure it will grow as time goes on too!  In later blog posts I hope to share some details about the ones that I’ve checked off and what my experiences were like.

1.  Eat at every Disney restaurant
According to my calculations, I’ve been to 37 out of the 72 table service restaurants at Disney.  I still have a lot to go!  See how many you’ve done with this checklist.

2.  Stay at every Disney resort
Definitely going to need time to get to this one – I’ve only stayed at 5 (Art of Animation, Port Orleans Riverside, Caribbean Beach, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Old Key West).  I made a checklist for this too!

3.  Have afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian (check!)
Completed in February 2013!

4.  Tackle the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream (check!)
Completed in February 2013!

5.  Do a cupcake crawl
While I love enjoying the cupcakes at WDW, I haven’t specifically gone on a cupcake crawl.

6.  Complete a Run Disney event (check!)
Completed in February 2014!

7.  Take 3 Disney tours
I just did Behind the Seeds and Wild Africa Trek. So just one more!

8.  Take a Disney cruise
No current plans for this, but someday!

9.  Watch every Disney full length animated feature
We’ve definitely watched a majority of them, but some of the older ones (Ichabod and Mr. Toad) and newer ones (Chicken Little) I still haven’t seen.

10.  Go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (check!)
Completed October 2014!

11.  Go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party/See the Osborne Lights  (check!)
Completed December 2013!

12.  Visit during the Food and Wine festival (check!)
Completed in October 2014!

13.  Visit during the Flower and Garden festival (check!)
Completed in April 2013!

14.  Do a photoshoot at a Disney resort  (check!)
Completed in August 2013 at Art of Animation!

15.  Do an in-park Disney photo shoot
Perhaps a future anniversary?

16.  Drink around the “World” in Epcot  (check!)
Completed in December 2013!

17.  Attend Star Wars weekend
Maybe if I can convince my brother to come to Disney with me we’ll do a Star Wars weekend.

18.   Play mini golf at Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland
Would love to try this!

19.  Visit Disney Quest (check!)
Completed in February 2014!

20.  Have a waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow (check!)
Nutella and fruit – delicious!

21.  Be an annual pass holder (check!)
From February 2013-February 2014!

22.  Draw 5 different characters at the Magic of Disney Animation (check!)
I’ve done Donald, Daisy, Dale, Eeyore, and Rapunzel.  I need to expand my goal now!

23.  Visit Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk
One of those things we always say we’ll do but haven’t yet.

24.  Attend a Disney wedding (check!)
Completed June 2013 – and another one in August 2013!

25.  Make a wish at Cinderella’s wishing well
I just never stopped to do it.

26.  Get a haircut at the Main Street barber shop
No plans for a haircut soon, but definitely something to do someday!

27.  Stay in a royal room at Port Orleans Riverside (check!)
They look amazing in the photos, and POR is one of our two favorite resorts.

28.  Have a photo with all of the Disney princesses (check!)
Completed June 2013! (Though now that they’ve added Anna and Elsa, I still have to do them…)

29.  Take over 10,000 photos at Disney
I definitely have at least a couple thousand – I took 800 just on my last trip!

30.  Attend Dapper Day
This unofficial Disney event sounds like a lot of fun!

31.  Stay in a pirate room at Caribbean Beach  (check!)
Completed in December 2013!

32.  Check out Characterpalooza in Hollywood Studios
I’ve heard about it, but never done it!

33.  Make my own Mr. Potato Head at Once upon a Toy (check!)
Completed in February 2014!

34.  Take a private fireworks cruise
This would be an incredible event for a special occasion.

35.  Watch Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba (check!)
Completed September 2011!

36.  Renew my wedding vows at Disney World
Perhaps for a 10th or 20th anniversary?

37.  Beat my husband at Toy Story Mania
It’s gonna be tough.

38.  Visit Disneyland
We are hoping to get there in the fall of 2015!

39.  Visit Disneyland Paris
Who knows when, but someday!

40.  Visit Aulani
I would love to visit Hawaii, but it’s expensive!  Perhaps later in life for a big anniversary trip.

41.  Eat at the chef’s table at Victoria and Albert’s
Another one that will probably be saved for a big special occasion.

42.  Dine with an Imagineer (check!)
Completed February 2014!

43.  Meet all of the Disney Princes (check!)
Completed in August 2013!

44.  Draw 15 different characters at the Animation Academy
I’m up to six, and I’ve heard there are many as 45 different ones that you can get!

45.  Dine with An Animal Expert
I only recently heard about this, but I love Animal Kingdom and learning all about the animals, so this is definitely something I’d like to do.

46.  Complete a Run Disney Half Marathon
I’m signed up for the Princess Half in February 2015.

47.  Complete the Disney Marathon
I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do a full marathon, but if I do it will be the Disney one!

48.  Stay at the Camp Wilderness campgrounds
We’ll have to rent or borrow a camper/RV, but I’d love to try this – especially at Christmas time!

49.  Try everything on my Disney “must eat” list
There are so many things I want to try I had to write them all down.

50.  Eat something from every booth at the Food and Wine festival
I look forward to this one!

Everyone’s bucket list will be different, so on mine I only included things that would be appealing to me.  For instance, I know that some people like the idea of “visit all 4 parks in one day”.  But that isn’t really something I’m interested in doing because I feel like I’d be running around a lot just to say I did it, and not doing it because I’d actually enjoy it.  But if that’s something that sounds awesome to you, then add it your list!

What do you have on your Disney bucket list?

18 thoughts on “My Disney Bucket List

  1. I need to make my Disney Bucket list! A lot of stuff I want to do is on yours! We are doing the wild africa trek for our honeymoon in october and I am SO excited!!!!! We are also taking the Undiscovered Future World tour at EPCOT too, which I heard is awesome! (I am obsessed with Illuminations, and I know they tour you closer to the illuminations ball and talk about the show during the tour so I am SUPER EXCITED for that one too!!!! *squee!!!*

    We are dining with an Imagineer on this trip too and I cant wait for that. I am going to try and get a photo session done if I can afford it too as long as it dosnt book up before the trip. One of my friends who work in photopass has been training with the event photography so I am hoping I can request her as an assistant 🙂

    I know one thing not on your list but that is one of my top Disney To Do’s is join the DVC! We have friends and family in it, and we did the open house while we were there last time and we are sold on it, we just need to wait a year or two for finances to be there, but the program is amazing from what we have seen and heard, and it would be wonderful to have it when we eventually have kids to take them to Disney every year! (Plus Becky, it would be a great way for you to stay in all the deluxe resorts 😉

    • I can’t wait to hear all about your honeymoon! It sounds like you have so many awesome things planned 🙂 We are doing our anniversary shoot in August with outside Disney photographers – David and Vicki Arndt, and I really love all of their work. Their rates are pretty reasonable (I think, I don’t know what Disney charges!), so that might be something to look into for the future if you don’t get your photoshoot this time around!

      Oooh, I would love to join DVC… I just need to pay off my student loans first (boo!). I stayed DVC on my last trip thanks to Jason’s uncle who owns, and it was amazing!

  2. The Kitchen Sink Sundae has been on my bucket list for years and I’ve never managed to squeeze it in! Definitely try to hit the mini golf courses on your next trip. Winter Summerland is especially fun. I love Disney Quest and would be very sad if it were to close. It’s always a must-do.

    • If you do the Kitchen Sink, don’t eat dinner first like I did, lol! And I’m eager to try Disney Quest, we might be able to squeeze it in on the next trip. I think my husband would particularly enjoy it, since he’s a big video game guy.

      • Oh no. How much of it did you manage to eat? Disney Quest is awesome- this coming from a girl who is not a huge video game fan. In addition to all of the unique games, there is a section of classic arcade games that your husband might get a kick out of. Last year, my boyfriend bought himself a vintage Pac-Man machine that sits in our living room. He never gets bored of playing on it. Men. 🙂

      • He loves classic video games so that is very good to know! As for the kitchen sink, between 4 of us we did end up eating most of it… but my tummy was definitely not too happy the rest of the night! 😉

      • Okay, you’ve convinced me…I need to get a group of friends together to fly to WDW and tackle the kitchen sink! Next trip, this will be checked off the list. Depending on the size of the group, the kitchen sink might be the dinner!

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