Bucket List – Have Tea at the Grand Floridian

bucket list afternoon tea

On a trip to Disney that I took with a group of girl friends, one of the events that we planned was to enjoy afternoon tea at the Garden View Tea Room in the Grand Floridian.  This was something I had never done before but being a tea lover, I was really looking forward to it.

Picture courtesy of Regina Hyman photography

Picture courtesy of Regina Hyman photography

In order to really make it an “event” and make it something special, we chose to get dressed up and have a photoshoot.  Many of us also wore hats to make it feel like a true British tea.  The photoshoot around the Grand Floridian was a lot of fun with Regina Hyman (though cold, because it was February!), and then we headed in for the tea.


The atmosphere is really nice, and I loved the subtle Beauty and the Beast theme.  Outside of the restaurant there are images of Chip and Mrs. Potts in the tile on the floor, and then once you get into the room there is a Mrs. Potts statue that we were seated right next to.  It’s not a very big spot, but it’s cozy and has a good view out the windows.


There are lots of options for tea and food, but I chose to go with the Buckingham Tea.  If you order tea you get your own personal pot of loose leaf tea. The kind that I had, Russian Earl Gray, was absolutely delicious.  Then my meal consisted of some finger sandwiches, a scone and jam, and strawberries and cream.  Everything I ate was so good, and it was surprisingly filling for tea.


Overall I recommend anyone that’s interested in tea to check it out.  It was a really nice experience and I’m glad I did it – and I would certainly do it again!  I think it would be really nice to do with a group of girls or as a mother/daughter event.  One fun thing I’ve checked off my Bucket List!

Have you been to tea at the Grand?  What did you think?

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