Crafty Corner: how to make an awesome Disney picture frame!

Please welcome Jenn Rosseter, guest blogger and very talented DIY-er!  Today she has a tutorial for us about how she created her own unique Disney picture frame. I adore what she created, and I hope you do too!

picture frame

            So you want to make an awesome Disney frame, huh? With a little imagination and a few craft supplies I can show you how to make your very own Disney frame to put your favorite Disney memories in!


  1. Collage picture frame- Go to your local craft store and find the framing section. There is an area that will have frames with multiple photo slots. Pick one you like that has a blank board. (You can also just choose a normal single photo frame with a mat board if you prefer)
  2. Fine tip sharpie marker and a pencil
  3. Black construction paper, scissors, and glue.
  4. Disney Scrapbook sticker – Find a sticker set you think will go with the pictures you plan on adding.
  5. Silver Paint Marker – You can find this in the fine arts section with the artist pens. Make sure to get a metallic silver pen. (You could use a silver sharpie too, but it won’t have as much metallic sheen to it)

Putting it together

1.  Come up with a plan – First I decided what words I wanted to use on my frame. I chose Fun, Imagination, Magic, Believe, Dreams, and Happiness, but you can use whatever words best fit you!

2.  Draw it out – Before I attempted to use my sharpie I wrote all the words out in pencil first so if I made a mistake I could go back and fix it before it gets inked. For font, I used the Waltograph font. You can find it here: (Take a piece of scrap paper and practice drawing out the font first before you pencil it in on the frame board)

3.  Ink it in – After I have fixed my design the way I wanted, I will go over it in the sharpie marker. Let it dry for a few minutes, and then go over it with an eraser to get any missed pencils marks off.

4.  Cut a Mickey head out of the black paper, and glue down on your frame somewhere. Add a word with the silver marker (I used love because it fit the best)

5.  Place the board back into the frame, and then add you Disney Sticker.

6.  With the silver marker add a few Mickey heads to the boarder. You can add a heading to the frame too. I chose “Our Disney Memories”. Pencil doesn’t show up too well on the outside frame, so before you ink it with the silver marker draw it out on paper a few times first.

7.  Add your photos!

Now you have your very own Disney photo frame to show off all of your special memories!  ENJOY!

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