Epcot Restaurant bracket – and the winner is…

le cellier vs. rose and crownIt all came down to Le Cellier vs. Rose and Crown, but the winner is…


Le Cellier!  A place that I have not yet been, but definitely want to try.  It’s gotten more expensive but considering how much people seem to love it, I’m guessing it will be worth it!

Epcot restaurant bracket final

Here are some of my thoughts on the overall outcomes of the tournament.  Back when we first started with the original 16, there were a few surprises.  Coral Reef did much better than I expected it to, considering that it competes with all of the good country restaurants in Epcot.  Monsieur Paul is supposed to be excellent, but it lost – and to Nine Dragons at that.  I’m guessing it is because it’s just so expensive.  People can’t afford to try it!  And even if it is really good, it still may not be worth those super high prices.

There was also a lot of competition between San Angel/Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining/Tutto Italia.  Both of those match-ups were within one vote of each other.  In the next round Le Cellier absolutely destroyed Nine Dragons – the poor Chinese restaurant didn’t get a single vote.  Via Napoli also had a huge lead over Tokyo Dining (a place that I recently really enjoyed!).  The match up between Rose and Crown and Via Napoli was incredibly close – Rose and Crown won by a single vote.  But in the end, Le Cellier triumphed over Rose and Crown by a very good amount.

In the future I’d love to do some more restaurant tournaments – perhaps the other parks, or resort restaurants.  Would you be interested in voting again in the future?


3 thoughts on “Epcot Restaurant bracket – and the winner is…

  1. This restaurant really is fantastic. I have genuinely been craving it since Hubby and I went just this summer. It’s a bit pricey, but really…worth it, in my opinion.

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