Crafty Corner: Disney Recipe Box

disney recipe box

I don’t know about you, but I love to collect Disney park recipes to try and replicate my favorite food and drink from the parks.  I’ve already posted the recipe for 1900 Park Fare’s Strawberry Soup and Wild Africa Trek’s Curried Chicken Salad.  I put all of my recipes onto cards, and then decided I needed a recipe box – so I set forth to make one!



  • Plain recipe box (I got mine on Amazon)
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Mod Podge (glossy)
  • foam brush
  • Disney stickers
  • Letter stickers


Putting it all together:

1.  Choose which scrapbook paper you would like to cover your box.  You can use all the same paper or pick different styles for different sections.  I chose a more subtle Disney theme with red and white polka dots, but you could use actual Disney paper too, or even old park maps!  Measure the paper and cut it so that it fits on each side/portion of the box.

2.  Glue the paper onto the box using mod podge.

3.  Decorate your box with Disney stickers, and use the letters to put “Recipes” or “Disney recipes” on the top.

4.  Put another coat of mod podge over the entire box to seal everything in and give it a shiny, glossy look.

5.  Once it’s dry, you’re done!  Just add your recipe cards and enjoy!

There is a lot of freedom with this project.  Once you have the box you can pretty much do whatever you like to decorate it!  Old souvenirs, any sorts of paper or stickers that you have on hand – get creative with it!

If anyone tries this project I’d love to see pictures of how it comes out 🙂



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