Crafty Corner: Up inspired photo frame

up picture frame

My husband I recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I had already bought him a few things, but I decided I’d like to make something too.  I searched around for ideas and I came across a cute printable on Etsy from Wish Upon a Star that featured a map of the US with the Up house over the location where you live.  Since we had just moved into a new house I thought this would be the perfect present for my husband!  I bought that and then decided to make my own Up themed picture frame to go with it.


  • Wooden picture frame
  • Paint (light blue and white)
  • sponge
  • Paint brush
  • Balloon scrapbooking stickers
  • Letter scrapbooking stickers
  • Picture or printable to go in the frame


Putting it all together:

1.  Start by painting your wooden picture frame a light, sky blue.  Let dry.

2.  Once dry, use a sponge brush to spot on white paint to look like clouds (see picture above).  Let dry.

3.  When all the paint is dry, it’s time to apply the stickers.  Arrange your balloon stickers any way you like.  Use letters to spell out your name on the bottom of the frame (could do first names or just a last name, or no name at all depending on what you like!)

4.  Finally, add your picture in the frame and you are good to hang it up somewhere nice in your home!


And that’s it!  A pretty simple project to create a fun new item for your home.  Would also make a great housewarming gift to any friends or family that might be moving to a new place!

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