Dapper Photo Backdrops

Have you heard of Dapper Day?  If not, check out this website.  It’s basically a day where you can get all dressed up and go to Disney like they used to do when the parks first opened.  Our friends over at Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place blog have started a countdown for this year’s Dapper Day, and in celebration they are sharing some dapper related posts.  I was lucky enough to contribute this week!  

I’ve never been able to attend an official Dapper Day, but I would love to some day (in fact, it’s one of the items on my Disney Bucket List!). So when Melissa Sue asked me to write a “dapper” blog post I was definitely in. However, once I started thinking about what to write, I was a little stumped. What exactly does it mean to be dapper? I had to turn to my friend, the trusty dictionary.

Merriam-Webster defines dapper as: “neat and trim in appearance” and “very spruce and stylish.” This fits in very well with the idea of Dapper Day and getting dressed up in your stylish clothes. So then I thought, “if you’re all dressed up for Dapper Day, you’re going to want to take lots of photos to commemorate the occasion! Where would be the best place to take some dapper photos?” And then I came up with this list!

Hollywood Studios
This one’s kind of a given, since the Dapper Day events start off at Hollywood Studios. With a retro Hollywood vibe to the park, it’s the perfect place to take some photos to show off your fancy duds.


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