Animal Butts

It’s probably happened to all of us.  You’re in Animal Kingdom, on the safari, and you spot a giraffe or an elephant close ahead.  You get ready to capture the perfect picture…. and the animal turns around and shows you its butt.  These used to be photos that I would immediately delete off my camera.  However, it started happening so often that I thought they were funny, and figured, why not save them?  At this point I had so many I could create my own photo gallery and call it “Animal Butts.”  I have some great pictures of the animals (check out my post on the Wild Africa Trek), but this is more of my “blooper reel,” if you will.

And just for fun, I thought I’d share them all with you!  😉  Do you think you have an animal butt photo to rival mine?  I’d love to see them!









And my personal favorite…


What’s the worst animal photo you’ve ever gotten at the Animal Kingdom?

6 thoughts on “Animal Butts

  1. So funny!! I have a picture that I just deleted off my camera recently of a reindeer’s butt and he *was* defecating! I’ve decided that I should just take pics of their butts intentionally…. then maybe they’ll turn around and I’ll get the view I really wanted!!

    Look your blog! Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that before or not!

    • Oh my, haha! My husband thinks it’s hilarious how the animals always seem to turn around and show me their butts just as I’m getting ready to take a picture. And thank you so much! 🙂

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