Disney’s new screening of The Little Mermaid encourages using iPads in theaters

second screen

A couple of days ago Disney announced that they would be bringing the Little Mermaid back to theaters, but this time as part of something called “Second Screen Live.”  They are billing it as an interactive showing of the movie.  The way that they are achieving that “interaction” is through an iPad app.  They say that with the app you “can interact with the film, play games, find hidden treasure, sing along, and compete with the audience for the chance to win great prizes.”


I am not pleased with this idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology.  It can do many great things for us, and make a lot of tasks easier.  But I believe the extent to which we use technology and are encouraged to work in this multitasking world can be harmful as well.  I work with children and while kids are notorious for not having great attention spans to begin with, it’s only getting worse.  They can’t focus on one task for an extended period of time.

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Crafty Corner: Up inspired photo frame

up picture frame

My husband I recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I had already bought him a few things, but I decided I’d like to make something too.  I searched around for ideas and I came across a cute printable on Etsy from Wish Upon a Star that featured a map of the US with the Up house over the location where you live.  Since we had just moved into a new house I thought this would be the perfect present for my husband!  I bought that and then decided to make my own Up themed picture frame to go with it.

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Recipe: Lapu Lapu from the Polynesian

lapu lapu

This is one of those “infamous Disney drinks” that you simply must get when you eat or drink at the Poly!  During my February visit to Disney World I was lucky enough to have dinner at Ohana for the first time.  That was an experience in and of itself, but one of the many highlights was finally being able to try this great pineapple drink!  I recreated my own version at home (unfortunately I didn’t have a pineapple to serve it in, but it still tasted good!).  I also changed the recipe very slightly.  It calls for the drink to be topped off with Bacardi 151, but the Lapu Lapu is a pretty alcoholic drink to begin with, so I left that out of mine.  If you want to be as authentic as possible you would probably want to add it, but if you’re looking for something not quite as strong it’s still just as good without the 151.

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Disney Infinity: First Thoughts


Disney Infinity has been out for a few weeks now, and I’ve had the chance to put about 10 hours into the game.  So I wanted to share my initial thoughts with you on it!  Keep in mind that this is really a “Disney fan” review rather than a “video gamer” review.  My husband is the gamer, but I rarely play video games.  These are also just my first thoughts from the initial exposure to the game – there is tons we haven’t even tried yet!

I have only tried one of the playsets so far, and that’s Monsters University.  You get missions to complete and along the way you can collect prizes, experience, and unlock toys and other things.  I imagine that for the most part, most of the playsets work the same way.  I’m a person that generally prefers to have some sort of structure – I want goals to achieve.  The missions are not too hard for a non-gamer like me, but still seem interesting to my husband, so it seems to be a good balance.  There is one main storyline with missions to complete in the playset, as well as side missions.  Then you can also try to collect all of the items and complete all of the “gold star” missions.  So there’s plenty to do!

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Disney Springs: Which restaurants should make the cut?

Picture from the Disney Blog.

Picture from the Disney Parks Blog.

Back in March, Disney announced a major overhaul of Downtown Disney, which will be rethemed as “Disney Springs.”  We don’t know a lot about this new area yet, other than the fact that we will be gaining a lot of new restaurants and shops, and it is set to be completed by 2016.  However, Downtown Disney isn’t just expanding, it’s changing.  That means that many of the shops and restaurants that are already there could be replaced with something else.  So which places should make the cut?  It’s a hard choice, but here are my thoughts based on my experiences and what I’ve heard.  This is all pure speculation, of course!

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September Monthly Roundup

Hello everyone, and welcome to September!  For me it’s a great month.  I love when the weather cools down a little, and our anniversary is tomorrow so that’s always a good time to celebrate.  Plus, if you’re visiting Disney it’s a great time of year to go!  We went in September two years ago for our honeymoon and loved it.  The parks were empty and no lines for anything.  Hope your September will be magical!

Disney in your Day

Disney in your Day news

Lots of exciting news for the blog!  First of all, we just finished our first giveaway.  Congratulations to Monique Brown Phelps for winning!  I hope you enjoy your prize!  And for everyone else, don’t fret, because there will definitely be more giveaways to come.  I have a few pretty exciting ones lined up, so stayed tuned!

A lot of you mentioned that you like seeing craft projects and recipes, so expect a lot more of those posts.  I’ll also be keeping you up to date with theme park news and sharing theme park related posts, including planning tips and visiting Disney on a budget.  I have some friends in the parks right now or visiting soon that are going to share their thoughts on Magic Bands, so if you’re curious about that then we’ll have some info to share.  And now that the fall season is starting I also want to share seasonally related things.  Have any photos of Disney themed autumn decor?  Send them to disneyinyourday@gmail.com if you’d like to be featured!

Finally, I have a really exciting project I’m working on that I plan to get up the first week of October.  It’s something for the holiday season and I think you all will love it!  I can’t reveal anything yet, but I can’t tell you how excited I am about it!  So for those of you that like crafts, Christmas, and giveaways, this new project/column will debut in October!

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