Crafty Corner: Fall Mickey Wreath

Please welcome guest blogger Michelle Ortiz, who shares how she created her very own Fall Mickey wreath!

make a fall mickey wreath

I was inspired by a fellow Disney fan who had a simple Mickey and Minnie on her garage doors and posted the pictures on Facebook.  I had no idea how she did it, but I knew the look I was going for.  My husband and I bought our house a year ago, and haven’t had a lot of time, or money for decorating for various seasons…so I have been trying to do a few DIY projects to help us look like we live there!

So I thought of this project for our door wreath, and it would be good for Fall, Halloween (if I didn’t have time to do a different one) and Thanksgiving…so basically, I was set until Christmas if I didn’t have time for another one.


  • one 16″ twig wreath
  • two 12″ twig wreaths
  • copper wire
  • pliers/wire cutters
  • Fall leaf garland
  • Flowers, gourds, or other fall decorating materials
  • ribbon

fall wreath

I went to Walmart and bought a 16″ twig wreath, and 2 12″ twig wreaths.  I went to the electrical aisle and bought some copper wire to use to hold the wreaths together.  For the garland and fall decorations, I got my materials at Michaels.

Putting it all together:

fall wreath 2

1.  I cut about a 8″ piece of the wire (you can use more if you want to make sure you have enough, then just cut off the excess when you’re done). I used needle nose pliers to work the copper wire through the twigs on both wreaths, then twisted the wire together like a twist tie. I did have a little left at the end, so I used wire cutters to trim it up, then the needle nosed pliers to turn the point down into the wreath (so that it would snag on anything or anyone).

2.   I used a fall leaf garland that I wrapped around the whole Mickey head and used hot glue to attach the ends to the twigs so that it wouldn’t unwind.

3.  Finally, I used hot glue and attached some flowers and little gourds I had gotten at Walmart and Michael’s. And wrapped a ribbon around the top a little bit and tied it in a bow for hanging.

4.  Then I hung it on my door!

fall wreath 3


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