Etsy Spotlight: Roaring Kids

Today I’m happy to bring you a review of another one of the Etsy shops featured in our Holiday gift guide.  The shop we’re featuring today is Roaring Kids, which makes American Girl doll clothes.  She has a variety of cute skirts, pants, and t-shirts, but the thing that really stands out for us Disney lovers in her Minnie Mouse outfit!  This would be perfect for the young Disney fan who owns an American Girl doll, or those of us who still have our American Girl dolls 😉


After receiving the the outfit, I had to decide which of my five American Girl dolls would get to wear it.  Yes, I own five of them from my childhood – Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, Josefina, and Kit.  Obviously Kit was the winner!  I thought her short hair would look cute with the Minnie ears.  And I think I was right!  Kit is absolutely adorable in this Minnie costume.  Now that I’ve got her all dressed up, she is sitting on the shelf in my Disney themed guest room.  A perfect touch!

If you purchase this outfit from Roaring Kids, you receive the skirt and the Minnie ears.  The plain white shirt isn’t included because many people may already have a plain shirt to go with this outfit.  But if you want one you can also purchase that from her Etsy shop individually.  The outfit is very well made.  It’s a good fabric and the stitching is all even.  Everything is truly high quality.  Plus, once you put the skirt on the doll it flares out a little, giving it some life and body.


I was interested to see how the Mouse Ears would fit, since I’ve had American Girl accessories in the past that just flopped over or didn’t fit right.  But these worked really well.  They are made of a thick felt so that the ears stay up, and the strap is the perfect length – it’s tight enough that the ears don’t fall off easily, but not so tight that you can’t get them on.


Overall I would highly recommend getting this outfit as a gift for any Disney fan who also owns an American Girl doll.  It truly is a great deal – the skirt and ear set is only $12, and if you want to add on a plain t-shirt it’s $3.25.  American Girl clothing can be really expensive, so this is truly a bargain!

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Do you own any American Girl dolls?  Which one(s) do you have, and who do you think would look best in this Minnie outfit?


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