Etsy Spotlight: Queen of Cases

I have searched far and wide for a case for my phone that I liked.  Every time I went to Disney World I searched the racks of phone cases hopelessly, praying that there would be a cover for my Motorola Razr.  But alas, it was never to be.  Almost every case is for the iPhone, with a few for the next Samsung Galaxy.   So as much as I admired those Disney designs, i seemed I would never have a Disney case for my phone.


And then I discovered the Queen of Cases on Etsy.  Not only did she have neat Disney designs, but she could make them for my phone!!  I was in heaven.  There are so many great things I could tell you about this Etsy shop, but let me start with just a few.

The designs are really incredible.  I actually like what she has better than the official ones available through Disney.  The Princess ones are by far my favorite – they have the silhouette of a princess, but instead of just being shaded in the silhouette is made up of a scene from the movie.  For example, the Beauty and the Beast one is from the ballroom dance scene.  And some of them have quotes on them, like mine that says “Tale as Old as Time.”  In addition to the awesome Princess designs there’s also a really nice Up case.


The case fits perfectly, has been very durable, and looks great.  It snapped on easily, but it is very secure.  And it comes off without me having to worry about it breaking, but it is sturdy enough that it will never fall off.  Plus she has cases for over 60 different types of phones and tablets, so chances are your phone will be on the list!  I’ve had it on my phone for about a month now and have had no problems whatsoever.  And it still looks great!

Here's a look at the Tangled ipad case!

Here’s a look at the Tangled ipad case!

I cannot encourage you enough to go to her website now and check it out!  Especially if you love the Princesses, you’ll probably want one of these phone cases.  I know any new phone I get, I will definitely be buying a case from here!  And odds are good that I’ll be buying a case for my Kindle Fire soon too 😉

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