And the winner of the MK/HS/AK restaurant tournament is…

mk restaurant tournament

It came down to two.  Magic Kingdom’s brand new Be Our Guest Restaurant, and the classic Hollywood Studios restaurant Sci-Fi Dine In.  Both have great theming, fun food, and a good atmosphere.  So which is the ultimate winner?


Be Our Guest!  This newcomer has made quite an impact on Disney dining, that’s for sure.  It’s currently one of the hardest reservations to get – so you’d better be calling 180 days in advance if you want to eat here!  I won’t lie, it’s definitely my favorite out of the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom restaurants I’ve been lucky enough to eat dinner here twice, and it was incredible both times.  Of course, it probably also helps that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie.  The theming here is absolutely amazing.  Plus you get to meet the Beast after dinner!

other parks restaurant bracket final

As always, some of the results of the tournament were very surprising to me.  The most shocking was probably that in round 1, 50’s Prime Time beat out the Brown Derby.  I haven’t eaten at Brown Derby but I’ve heard such good things, and I thought it was a very popular spot!  But it seems 50’s Prime Time has some loyal followers.  I also wouldn’t have expected Sci-Fi to be in the final 2, but I can see why.  Despite the fact that the food might not be amazing, it certainly does have some of the most unique themeing around!  It seems that’s what Disney fans like most 🙂

Are you surprised by the results?


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