Etsy Spotlight: Amanda Jane Designs

P1080366There’s a lot of Disney jewelry available, but a lot of the official stuff is a little bit too over the top and cheap looking… or the stuff that is classy is really expensive.  However, Etsy is a great way to find amazing Disney jewelry!  My favorite seller that I came across was Amanda Jane Designs.  Her work is subtle but full of Disney magic.  It combines charms and a phrase relating to the Disney movie it references.

For this review, I was sent the “Up” inspired necklace.  It consisted of a house charm, as well as a circle charm that said “Adventure is out there.”  I love the sentiment of this quote and thought it was the perfect thing to wear to show my love of Disney!  Everything is well made and is very cute.


One of the things I’m always concerned with when I wear necklaces with charms is if the charms are going to spin around or flip themselves over, and then things will just look backwards.  With this necklace, however, that was not the case.  I wore it for a number of hours and it never flipped over once!  I was very impressed with the fact that it was able to lay flat against me and look great the whole time I was wearing it.


Amanda was also able to do some personalization for me on the back of the “adventure is out there” necklace part.  She put my name on the back, and I love that little touch.  Even though it’s a simple thing, it was something I was really happy that she could do!

She currently has 14 different Disney inspired necklaces, and the ability to customize your own with a number of different charms.  I won’t lie, I kind of want them all!  I also think these would make fantastic gifts for Disney fans.  I love the options she has, and hopes that she will add even more Disney movies to what she already has!  I highly recommend you check out her shop now.

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