Contest! Win a Disney rhinestone transfer from Enchanted Bridal


I am so excited to bring you our first ever contest! Etsy shop Enchanted Bridal is hosting a contest with us. She makes incredible rhinestone transfer designs that I’m completely in love with – there are a lot of wedding related ones, but also holidays and more. She’s looking for some new ideas of designs she can make, and we thought Disney in your Day readers would be the perfect people to ask!


The design I picked out from her shop – I’m excited to wear it for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party next week!

So here’s how you enter the contest:

Think of a design that you would like to see made into rhinestones for a transfer. Describe either in words or through a picture what it would look like. Post your idea here in the comments or on our facebook page. That’s it!

A few extra rules:

1. The design can’t be too big: it would need to be something that could be created in a 6.5×8.5″ area.

2. Aim for a more simple design – transfers that include a whole Princess, for example, are too complicated. Take a look at Enchanted Bridal’s Etsy shop for some inspiration on what might work.

3. In terms of colors, your best bet is to choose simple one or two color designs, with one of the colors being clear.

4.  The contest will be open from Saturday, December 7th, until Wednesday, December 18th.


What’s the prize?

First place: Will win their design suggestion as a rhinestone transfer and one other transfer of their choice from Enchanted Bridal’s shop.

Second place: Will win their design suggestion as a rhinestone transfer

etsy holiday gift guide

So please, start sharing your ideas today!  Leave me a comment saying what you’d like to see!

34 thoughts on “Contest! Win a Disney rhinestone transfer from Enchanted Bridal

  1. Being a HUGE Star Wars fan, I think the Rebel Alliance logo would look really cool in rhinestones… it’s a little pointy at the top, but I think it would look pretty sweet… and it would be fun to add a feminine touch to my SW geekery! What a cute shop *Ü*

  2. I would love something with a Mickey head and some sort of running theme. Or this princess wears running shoes…something along those lines would be awesome!!

  3. How about the outline of Cinderella’s glass slipper and “Once a princess…” alluding to the phrase “Once a Marine, always a Marine” (once a princess, always a princess may be too long of a phrase though. 🙂

  4. A Tardis outline in blue (with a cluster of clear and yellow at the top for the light and some clear in the middle for the police sign) and the word “Companion” underneath! Maybe to really geek out, put a pair of Mickey ears on the top of the Tardis, lol!

  5. I would love something for birthdays! My 30th is coming up soon so maybe 30 with birthday underneath. Then have the “0” in 30 be mickey ears! OR Birthday Princess with the “P” ion princess wearing a crown!!

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