January 2014 Monthly Round Up

Welcome to 2014!  I always love the new year because it’s an excuse to get a fresh start.  I know technically you can try to improve at any time, but I personally like having an excuse to do it.  There are lots of resolutions I have for 2014.  Some of my Disney related ones include running more to train for the Enchanted 10k I’m running in February, posting 2-3 blog posts a week, and improving my photography skills.  What are your new year resolutions?

Disney in your Day News

What can you expect for the blog in 2014?  To start off with, I want to do another restaurant bracket sometime soon – those are fun!  So look for that coming up.  I also plan to have a few more giveaways.  I want to network a bit more with other Disney blogs, so I’ll be bringing you new giveaways and information from them as well.  On my previous Disney blog I participated in Wordless Wednesday run by Focused on the Magic, and I’d like to try that again for 2014.  I’ll be sharing some of my photography every Wednesday!


Speaking of my previous blog, sadly, Come Home to Disney has been shut down.  A lot of my content was unfortunately lost, but the posts I was able to save I will be sharing here within the coming months.  I also plan to re-write some of my more popular posts that were on there, such as my bucket list item of visiting the Epcot Flower and Garden festival.

Disney News

saving mr. banks

  • To ring in the New Year, Disney is giving away a vacation a day for this month.  Enter now!
  • Saving Mr. Banks premiered in late December, and so far it seems to be a pretty big hit with Disney fans.  Have you seen it?
  • The most popular Broadway show of 2013?  Disney’s The Lion King.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I do have tickets to see Aladdin in April!
  • It’s not exactly Disney related, but Sea World responded to the negative press they’ve been getting thanks to the Blackfish documentary.  I’m not sure where I stand on the whole thing.
  • The Disney Channel is working on a movie for 2015 that will feature the children of Disney villains.  I’m not sure who procreated with them, but it sounds interesting nonetheless!

Other Disney Blogs


Need a good laugh?  Check out pictures of Disney men without their beards from the Huffington Post.  Oh, Scar!

At Disney Again has me in awe with the Mickey lens he created for his camera and the fantastic pictures of the Obsborne Lights he got with them.  So amazing!

On the Animation Commendation, he shares the upcoming animated films for 2014.  Disney fans can look forward to Planes: Fire and Rescue and Big Hero 6.  No Pixar movie for 2014 though 😦

Our friends at the Disney Food Blog found some new air fresheners: popcorn and dole whip!  Turkey legs didn’t seem so appealing last time, but I think a dole whip one would smell quite nice.

A review of the 50th Anniversary edition of Mary Poppins is up on Focused on the Magic.  It looks great and I’m disappointed I didn’t get a copy for Christmas!

What are you looking forward to in the new year!


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