Downtown Disney Restaurant Tournament: Final Round

It’s down to the last two: Raglan Road vs. Wolfgang Puck Express!  We’ve got a sit down vs. a counter service here, so it should be an interesting match up.  I’ve actually never really eaten at either (I had a drink at Raglan Road and I did technically eat at WPE, but it was such a bad experience I don’t count it and just pretend like I’ve never been there).  Which one do you prefer? Vote now by commenting!

downtown-disney-restaurant-bracket round 4




8 thoughts on “Downtown Disney Restaurant Tournament: Final Round

  1. Have to go with WPE!! I had not good truffle fries, a decent salad, a decent stew, a fabulous bread pudding, and a fabulous battered sausages app. That’s too hit or miss for me– WPE has never let me down!

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