February 2014 Monthly Round Up

I’m excited for February, because it means I’m going back to Disney!!  Not till the end of the month, but this time I get to be there for over a week.  I’m doing the Enchanted 10k and I’m getting a little nervous but also excited about it.  We also had the water parks fun and more option added to our tickets, so if the weather is nice enough we’ll do a water park, which I haven’t done in years.  And we plan to try some new things, like Disney Quest, mini golf, and riding in the balloon at Downtown Disney!

Disney in your Day News

water bottle

Our giveaway for the “Keep Calm and Run Disney” water bottle was one of our most successful yet!  Congratulations to Amanda Enochs for winning, and if you want to purchase one be sure to check out the Etsy shop.  We’ve been doing Wordless Wednesday every week, and we’re almost done with our Downtown Disney restaurant tournament – check out the blog tomorrow to see which one will be victorious, Raglan Road or Wolfgang Puck Express!

This month I’m planning to bring you some articles that were on my previous blog which was deleted.  I was only able to save some of them, but I’m working on updating them to share here!  I also want to add more posts to my Disney Bucket List.

Disney News


Other Disney Blogs


Want a good laugh?  I love this newest trailer for the upcoming Muppet movie!

It’s totally in the rumor category right now, but the DIS is reporting that parts of Maelstrom, or even the whole thing, may be replaced with a Frozen attraction in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.

Ever wonder if the Disney Princess costumes are historically accurate?  These drawings put their own spin on the classic costumes.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, Melissa Sue at Mouse on the Mind shares her favorite Disney horses.


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