The winner of the Downtown Disney restaurant tournament is…

dtd tournament

It came down to two.  Raglan Road vs. Wolfgang Puck Express.  One is a fun, lively Irish pub, and the other is one of the most popular quick service locations in all of Disney World.  Which one would be victorious?


Raglan Road is the winner, and by quite a landslide!  I have to say that I’ve never eaten here, but after hearing so many good things from people during this tournament it is most definitely on my list for the future.  Here’s a few other thoughts about how things went down in the tournament:

Round 1:  There were a lot of really close match-ups.  Fultons vs. Earl of Sandwich, Splitsville vs. Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and Cookes of Dublin vs. AMC Dine-In.  But the closest was Paradiso 37 vs. Planet Hollywood – Paradiso won by just one vote!  I’d always heard bad things about PH, so I was surprised by that.  The ultimate losers that round were Bodie’s (which admittedly was just thrown in so we would have 16), Bongos, and Portobello.  I was surprised at first that Portobello only got 1 vote, but it was up against our ultimate winner so I guess it’s not that surprising.

Round 2: It was really tight between Earl of Sandwich and T-REX.  I love both, but I’m actually surprised that T-REX won!

downtown-disney-restaurant-bracket final

I’ve never eaten at Raglan Road, and I usually say I’ve never eaten at Wolfgang Puck Express either.  I did eat there once, on the West Side, and it was pretty bad.  So I chalked it up to one bad experience since everyone else raves about it.  I do have to give it another go soon, but I will not go back to the West Side!


2 thoughts on “The winner of the Downtown Disney restaurant tournament is…

  1. The WPE in the Marketplace is MUCH better than the West Side– which is so funny, since the West Side one is attached to the TS restaurant!
    Raglan Road has some positives and negatives for me. Ultimately, I think I’ll only go back if we don’t have the DDP, so I can just get appetizers and dessert.

    • That’s good to know about WPE! It’s surprising that there’s such a difference between the two locations. I think Raglan Road also has the entertainment aspect going for it. I know when we were having drinks there they were doing Irish step dancing, which was pretty cool to watch.

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