How to be Picked as the Rebel Spy on Star Tours


If you’ve been on Star Tours since it was redone, you know that one of the fun elements of the show is the fact that they take a picture of an audience member and incorporate it into the story.  That person is shown on screen as the “rebel spy” and it’s why Darth Vader is chasing your ship (or some variation of that story, since the plot does change depending on what showing you get).

Suffice it to say that there is no sure fire way to be picked as the rebel spy.  However, there are a few things you can do to try and increase your chances that seem to work.  Keep in mind that this is all speculation and observation.  What may work one day won’t work another!  And a lot depends on the cast member who is picking the photo.  I’ve been chosen as the rebel spy twice now, and here are some of the things that I’ve noticed:


Be knowledgeable about when they take the pictures. 

Disney hasn’t said for certain, but it’s a pretty good guess that they take the pictures during the pre-show bit, when you’re seated and they’re going over the safety instructions, buckling your seat belt, etc.   People have said that they just take a picture of everyone and then the cast member decides which picture to use, so whether or not you are chosen is purely subjective.

 Face forward.

Stay facing forward as much as possible before the ride starts.  They need a face that is looking straight ahead, so keep still and eyes forward.  This may be a reason why kids don’t seem to be selected as often as adults, since they tend to fidget more.

Don’t put your 3D glasses on until the show is just about to start.

If you already have the 3D glasses on blocking your face, odds are pretty good they won’t pick you, as they want  someone whose face is clear.  It may also help to remove real glasses if you have those as well.  Though people have been chosen that are wearing glasses, if there’s any glare in the picture they won’t use it.

Sit towards the middle.

The rebel spy can be in any seat, but being towards the middle means the camera has a better angle of you, which means that your picture is likely to come out better and be more usable.

If you ride multiple times in a row, look for a pattern.

Some CMs may tend toward one “type” of person over another.  For instance, when I went one day and rode 4 times in a row, the CM always chose someone with a serious looking face, not someone who was smiling or acting silly.  I tried this tactic the next time I was on and didn’t smile during the entire bit before the ride – and sure enough, I was the rebel spy!  It could be coincidence, but noting a pattern definitely helps.  However, I’ve heard that other times they look for the silliest face.  Some CMs may go for kids more often, and some may choose adults.  It’s all up to their discretion.

It may help to be in a big group.

The CMs know that a lot of the fun of the rebel spy is getting a reaction out of the crowd.  So if you’re part of a large group, they may tend to pick someone from that group because they know that it will be more of a reaction.


The bottom line is, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee being chosen!  But the big things that will definitely help are looking forward and not putting your glasses on until they tell you to.  Good luck, and may you be chosen as the next rebel spy!

Have you ever been chosen as the rebel spy?  What’s something you’ve noticed about the people they choose?

8 thoughts on “How to be Picked as the Rebel Spy on Star Tours

    • I agree, I think the re-do on this ride was fantastic! I love how it’s different every time. The first time we went to the parks after it had been redone we rode it 4 times that day.

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