Run Disney outfit: Princess Belle

belle running

For me, one of the most exciting parts of running the Enchanted 10k was getting to plan out my costume!   I love costumes of any sort but especially Disney ones.  I didn’t want to do anything super elaborate since I did have to run in it.  And since it was my first Disney race, and a Princess one at that, I knew I had to pick my absolute favorite Princess: Belle.  So if you’re looking for ideas for an easy Belle costume, here’s what I did!


For the bottom part of my outfit I went with a sparkle skirt from Rock City Skirts.  They are shiny and sparkly like a Princess should have, but they’re also really light and great for running.  It didn’t get in my way or bother me at all!  Because they are so light, you need to wear shorts under them.  As you can see from my photo, they are really quite see-through.  I wore black shorts but probably would’ve looked for yellow or white if I had time.

For the upper part of my costume, I went out and bought a yellow tech running shirt.  I was looking for something cheap and found mine in the activewear section of Target on the clearance rack for about $10 – perfect!  I wanted to do something to make the Belle “sleeves”, so I went to the craft store and bought tulle.  At first I tried to sew it on and it looked horrible – like one of those awful Pinterest fails!  It looked best when I just draped it around my shoulders, so that’s what I ended up doing.  I just tied it in a knot and had my husband put a bunch of safety pins in place.


For my accessories, I went with running sleeves from Groovy Baby Action Gear.  They were yellow to match the rest of my costume, and they had the red rose to represent Belle.  If you haven’t tried running sleeves before I recommend you give them a go.  I love them.  They keep your arms a little warmer if it’s cool out, and they work as compression sleeves too.  Plus, they’re a simple way to add some fun to your costume!  Finally, every Princess needs a tiara, so I got mine in the form of a Bondi Band.  These are super comfortable and great way to hold your hair back.  I love mine and I think it really added to the look!


I had so much fun planning out my costume, and I really can’t wait until my next race in October!  The wheels are already turning for what sort of costume I can do… who do you think I should dress up as for the Tower of Terror 10 miler?

7 thoughts on “Run Disney outfit: Princess Belle

  1. Hey! I found your blog when I was looking around for Disney lifestyle blogs 🙂 I know of you from the Disbrides group! I started a blog of my own so I’ll definitely be following yours.

    Super cute costume by the way! I ran the Glass Slipper Challenge 🙂

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