100th post! And an exciting announcement


Today marks a milestone for the Disney in your Day blog – this is the 100th post!  It’s pretty exciting, and the blog has come a long way in less than a year.  I’m always looking for ways to make it better and very open to suggestions, so if there’s anything you want to see please let me know!

In honor of 100 posts, I wanted to do something exciting for my readers.  So I figured it was the perfect time to announce the new project I’ve been working on!  During October and November the Disney Etsy Holiday gift guide was a big hit.  And now, I have another guide I’ve been working on:

The Disney Running Gear Guide.

disney running gear guide

This guide will feature tons of stuff for Run Disney fans: running skirts, tutus, shirts, jewelry, medal holders, and lots more!  There will be plenty of reviews, but I know the exciting part for you all is that we will be featuring a number of giveaways too!  Even if you’re not a runner there may still be things you’re interested in.  Or perhaps the chance to win some of these amazing items will be the encouragement you need to start running – Disney in the place to do it!  We currently have over 10 giveaways in the works!

I’m hoping to get the guide up by mid-April, and then I will be featuring reviews and giveaways throughout April, May, and June.  I’m so excited for this and I hope you are too!


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