Runner’s Guide: Wonderful Accessories


Today I bring you another review of a fun product that could be used by Disney runners – hair bows by Wonderful Accessories on Etsy!  One of the things I love about today’s feature is the fact that it’s an item that can be used by runners and in races, but it’s also perfect for any time!  These would be adorable just to wear around the theme parks to bring a little more Disney magic to your outfit.


Wonderful Accessories does a number of different hair bows inspired by different Disney characters, movies, and theme parks.  Many of the characters even have numerous variations in different colors or with different pictures, so you can choose which one you like the most.  The bows come with a cute picture in the center, something that a lot of other Etsy bows don’t have.

For this review I was sent two bows – an Alice in Wonderland one and a Magic Kingdom one.  Both bows are really nice, and I like the colors/fabrics that were selected for each.  In particular I think the Magic Kingdom fireworks pattern is really fun and makes me happy, because it reminds me of Wishes – my favorite show in the parks!  Each bow has a clip on the back so you can wear it easily.  It’s not a barrette clip that closes, but rather an alligator clip.  This is nice because they slip on easily.


If you are using the bow for running, it would be a really cute addition to any Disney outfit.  A hair bow is a really simple way to add some more flair and make your costume unique and fun.  My only suggestion would be to perhaps bobby pin the bow in place, especially if you have thicker hair like I do.  When I went for a run the bow didn’t fall out at all, but I was still a little worried and some extra security would make certain I wouldn’t lose it!

Make sure you check out the shop Wonderful Accessories on Etsy, and don’t forget to look through the rest of our Disney Running Gear Guide!

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