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On April 13th I found out that I was tagged for a Liebster Award – but what exactly is that, you ask?  Good question, because I wasn’t sure either!  It’s an award that is given from one blogger to another to recognize them, and it’s to showcase smaller bloggers (those with 500 followers or less).  When you’re nominated you answer a series of questions posed by the blogger who nominated you, and then you nominate some blogs that you like as well!

I was tagged by The Animation Commendation!

Here are “the rules”:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2.  Answer the 11 questions that they’ve asked.
3.  Nominate 11 other blogs (with less than 500 followers).
4.  Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Let your nominees know that you’ve chosen them with a comment.

And now it’s time for my answers!  Here they are, the answers to the questions that were posed to me by the Animation Commendation:

1.  What is the difference between a raven and a writing desk?  I’m sorry to say that I haven’t a clue!  Though I would be surprised if anyone did 😉

2.  If Pinocchio says he’s going to a tell a lie, what happens to his nose?  Ooh, I love this sort of paradox!  I think perhaps his nose would explode into sawdust!

3.  If you can match any two Disney characters together romantically (who aren’t already romantically attached to each other), whom would they be?  What a great question.  It’s hard to think about since you don’t really want to split up an “classic” couples!  Bear with me now, but I’m thinking Mulan with Quasimodo.  I love Quasi and it’s always a little sad at the end of Hunchback when he doesn’t get the girl (and I don’t watch sequels).  I never saw a ton of chemistry between Mulan and her man, and I think her fiery spirit (similar to Esmeralda’s) would match well with Quasi’s kind, gentle and loving nature.  And Mulan doesn’t care about societal norms so she won’t be turned off by his appearance.


4.  If you could make a live-action version of any animated Disney movie, which would it be?  This question is a little scary because the animated movies are so good I don’t know what a live action would be like!  Though I will say that I love the stage versions of a lot of the animated movies (Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and just saw Aladdin which was fantastic!).  Actually, I think a live action version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame would be pretty epic.

5.  If you could make an animated version of any live action Disney film, which would it be?  Maybe the princess diaries?  I’m always in favor of more animated princesses, and I think that movie could do well animated, and adding in some songs too!

6.  How do you feel about movies being over 2.5 hours long?  Ugh.  Personally, I think 2.5 hours is my limit.  Anything longer is just too much.  I don’t think I’ve seen a single movie longer than that which I felt warranted its length.


7.  Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes?  I was never a huge one for celebrity crushes.  I’ll say… the guy that plays Hook on Once Upon a Time (I don’t even know his name!).  Luke Bryan, the country singer.  And… Ewan McGregor.  That was hard, haha.

8.  Who are your top 3 celebrities whom you can’t stand?  Miley Cyrus.  Justin Bieber.  Chris Brown.

9.  Which famous celebrity would you want to voice a animated character (who hasn’t already done so)?  Up until recently I would’ve said Morgan Freeman, but he finally did with the Lego Movie!  I actually don’t know because every celebrity I look up has done at least some sort of cameo in an animated film!  How about… Alex Trebek?


10.  Who are your top three animated crushes?  Flynn Ryder, Prince Naveen, and Kristoff.

11.  Did you enjoy Man of Steel?  Actually, I didn’t see it!


Phew!  Now here’s the 11 questions I’m posing to 11 other bloggers:

1.  What is the first Disney movie you ever saw in theaters?

2.  Who do you think makes the best “Disney couple” and why?

3.  If you could have a meet and greet with any character not normally found in the parks, who would it be?

4.  If you were asked to be an imagineer and had the chance to create one new attraction, what would you do?

5.  If you met someone who had never watched any Disney movie, which one would you recommend they watch first?

6.  Imagine someone gives you $500 to spend in a Disney park or Disney store.  What would you spend it on?

7.  What’s a fairy tale that hasn’t been turned into a Disney movie yet that you would like to see made into one?

8.  What do you think Walt Disney would think of his company and the theme parks if he were alive today?

9.  Describe your perfect Disney meal (appetizer, entrée, dessert, and drink combination from any of the Disney restaurants/food stands/bars!)

10.  Aside from Disney World, what’s your favorite place to visit?

11.  And finally… what’s your favorite Disney related memory?


Now it’s time for me to tag the 11 blogs that I would love to nominate for the Liebster Award!  So here we go, some of my absolute favorite Disney blogs:

Mouse on the Mind

Food, Fitness, and Fantasy

Fangirl Next Door

Once Upon a Run

Bwana Blog

Disney Girl Crafts

Frontierland Station

Behind the Mouse

This Happy Place Blog

 For the Love of Disney

Reality to Dreams

I love all these blogs and I recommend you check them out!  I’m looking forward to seeing the answers to some of the questions I posted.  And readers, if one of the questions sparks your interest feel free to leave your own answers in the comments!

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