Disney Resort Checklist

For some of you that are truly crazy Disney fans, you might have the dream to stay at every Disney resort on property.  I know it’s definitely on my Disney Bucket list to be able to do that someday.  Or even if you won’t be able to stay at all of them, perhaps you’d like to just make the trek to visit every single one at some point on life.  Lots of the resorts have plenty to offer, like great restaurants that are worth checking out.  It’s also fun just to look around at the amazing décor and theming that Disney does!

If you want to keep track of which resorts you’ve been to/stayed at, I made up this handy checklist.  The Disney restaurant checklist was pretty popular so I figured why not keep track of resorts too?  One note – I did choose to leave the Swan and Dolphin hotels off of this list.  They kind of fall in the gray area of whether they’re a Disney resort or not, but for this I decided not to include them.  You can always add it in yourself if you like!

resort checklist

I’ve stayed at 5 of them, and I’ll be able to check off the Grand Floridian in October!  I’ve visited 14 of them, so only a few more to go.  How about you?


3 thoughts on “Disney Resort Checklist

  1. I’ve stayed at the Dolphin, Wilderness Lodge, and Port Orleans Riverside. I’ve visited the Swan, Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Beach Club, Boardwalk, and Yacht Club. I’ve seen Old Key West, Saratoga Springs on ME or regular bus stops, and Coronado Springs on the way to AK. This fall, we’ll visit Fort Wilderness as we have a dinner scheduled at Trail’s End. So the only resort category I’ve never seen is a value! (Although I did see Pop’s entrance on the way to the Dolphin– I’m not going to count that, though!) As far as bucket list– the only other resorts I am interested in staying at are GF and the Poly. I wouldn’t stay at a moderate that wasn’t POR, and I’d only stay at a value if I went on a budget friends trip. It is fun to visit the different resorts for meals, though!

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