Runner’s Guide: Foxy Baby


T-shirts are very important to runners – not just to find good ones to run in, but also to show off your accomplishments!  Sure, you can get the free t-shirts they usually give you during a race, but if you really want to wear your pride with style then consider an Etsy shop like Foxy Baby.  She has some absolutely gorgeous rhinestone running shirt iron-on transfers.




For this review I received a shirt with two of the transfers (front and back).  The iron-on that was on the front of the shirt is really gorgeous.  It’s very detailed, with a ton of rhinestones to make it super sparkly 🙂  It has a tiara with 19.3 on it (to represent the Glass Slipper Challenge), and the words “Run like a Princess.”  I really like the balance of colors.  While most of the iron-on is white (which usually shows up the best for pictures), it also has blue and pink, which really livens it up a bit.


The back featured another “19.3” transfer, this one inside a “pumpkin coach.”  This design is really cute and a unique way to show off the fact that you completed the Glass Slipper Challenge! (Which, by the way, I haven’t – yet.  I fully intend to work my way up to it though!  My plan is the Princess Half in 2015 and then the Glass Slipper in 2016.  We shall see!).  Anyway, in some ways this design is a little more simple since it’s only one color, which makes it really perfect and fun for the back of the shirt.  However, it’s cool looking enough that it would also look great on the front of the shirt as well!

Overall the transfers are really well made.  They were sturdy and I didn’t have any problems with any rhinestones falling off, even after wearing it for a day and then putting it through the wash.  One thing I really love about Foxy Baby’s designs is that they are different than a lot of the other ones I’ve seen.  And they are nice and big so they don’t get lost on a shirt!  In addition to these two, she has a couple other Disney running themed iron-ons in her shop that I highly recommend you go check out!

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