Runner’s Guide: Maleficent Tutu from Rachel McGrew


There’s a lot of Maleficent mania going on right now, what with the new Angelina Jolie movie out this past weekend (look for my review up on the blog hopefully tomorrow!).  And the best part is, now runners can get in on the action with this great tutu from Etsy seller Rachel McGrew.  This item would make for an outstanding costume for any Disney race, but especially the upcoming Tower of Terror 10 miler in October, which is always followed by a villains bash in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

First, let’s start with how this tutu looks.  To sum it up in a word: Awesome!  The colors are absolutely perfect.  It has black, purple, and green, which definitely represent Maleficent.  I really love the fact that she uses a vibrant, almost neon green tulle, because it really livens up the tutu and makes it stand out against the other colors.  A great bit of detail on this tutu is the fact that there are pieces of it where the tulle is braided.  I haven’t seen that on a tutu before and I love the effect that it has.  I don’t really know exactly how to describe it, but I almost feel like the braids capture Maleficent from the film so well – it’s like the represent the angular nature of her face, horns, and cape, and really add some dynamic to the tutu.


As for the quality of the tutu, it’s nothing but the best.  She definitely doesn’t skimp on the tulle at all, so you’ll have a nice, full tutu.  All of Rachel’s tutus are tied by hand, and don’t use slip knots.   That means you can be sure it will stay on and you won’t be losing any bits or pieces of it as you run.  I was recently in a musical where we wore tutus, and while they were very pretty they were done with slip knots and by the end of our run I had pieces of tulle falling off, or some that only partially came undone so that they were longer than other pieces.  Knowing that one this Maleficent tutu they are all hand tied means that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything like that.


When you go to order a tutu Rachel will ask for your waist size, so you can be certain that it is fitted to you.  Her measurements are spot on as mine fit perfectly.  When I took it out for a test run it didn’t slip or move around at all, but it wasn’t too small, either.  I also didn’t have the problem of the tulle irritating my skin at all, because the skirt is puffy enough and the tulle just the right length so that it’s not too long to get in between your legs, but not too short that it looks silly.

The best part is, her tutus are a really reasonable price, especially for what you are getting.  Maleficent tutus start at $26, and other characters are even less (Maleficent has a lot of awesome detail on it).  For instance, Tiana, Cinderella, and Belle all start at $23.  The tutus are available in a variety of sizes.  Or, you can contact Rachel to do your own custom order if you have an idea!  I highly recommend you check out her shop for your next Disney race costume!


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