ToT 10 miler training: 17 weeks to go

Week 2 of my training!  Still pretty easy going in terms of distance.  Despite having a very busy week, I did manage to squeeze in my runs so I’m rather proud of that!  One of the things I’ve been thinking about for the Tower of Terror 10 miler is my costume.  I’m doing Alice in Wonderland and I have a tutu and a shirt.  Now I have two more parts of my costume I want to figure out.  I need a headband and compression socks.  I was looking at these socks on the Running Skirts website:


I wanted to get the blue ones because I think it would go well with my Alice costume.  But unfortunately, they’re out of stock.  I don’t know if/when they’ll be coming back.  I should’ve bought then when I had the chance!  Not sure what I’ll do now.

galloway week 2

So for my Monday run I was extremely happy with my pace!  I was worried I’d get caught in the rain but I headed out as soon as I was done with work.  Did half an hour, got into my car to drive home… and it started downpouring.  Luck was definitely with me!

tot 17 weeks monday

Wednesday was also a really good feeling run.  I went out a little later hoping it would cool down but it was still really hot.  But I was very pleased here as well.

tot 17 weeks wednesday

On Saturday I was quite sore… I had gone for a hike on Friday that ended up longer than I expected, and my legs were a bit tired.  I still felt up to doing my Saturday run, but I decided to take it a little easier than I had been earlier in the week.  I was also grateful that it was only a 2 mile run for this weekend.

tot 17 weeks saturday

I’m hoping my legs rest up well so I can keep on with this pace on Monday for my next run!  As for my step tracking, from Sunday-Saturday I had 65,041.  Not bad, but I would really love to get an average of 70,000 steps a week (that would be 10,000 steps a day).

Who else is training for a race?  How is it going for you?


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