ToT 10 miler training: 16 weeks to go

16 weeks to go.  That’s 4 months.  It’s exciting because it means I’ll be in Disney in 4 months!  But it’s also a little scary because I’ll have to be ready to run a 10 mile race by then!  As I mentioned last week, I have a pretty good idea of the basics of my costume.  I’m going to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and I at least have a tutu and a tank top to wear!  So this week I wanted to share the tutu I’ll be wearing.  It’s from Race Junkie, who makes some of the cutest Disney running tutus!race junkie

So this is Week 3 of the Jeff Galloway training program for beginners.  Here’s what Week 3 looks like:

training week 3

This week I decided starting out that I wanted to take things a little easier.  There were a few reasons for this.  1. I’d been keeping a pace under 12:00 min/mile, and I know that’s not going to be sustainable for me on longer runs.  2.  My legs were sore from maintaining a regular running schedule so I didn’t want to push them too hard.  3. It was supposed to be very hot this week and I knew the heat would get to me.

Monday was definitely hot, but it felt okay.  It was about 85 degrees out.  I kept myself under a 12 min/mile pace which I’m happy about.

monday week 3

Wednesday was the toughest day of the week.  It was over 90 degrees this day so I was feeling slow and sluggish.  I timed my run so that when I was done, I was right outside of our complex’s pool.  I went for a swim right after running and it felt great!  Knowing I could jump into that pool when I was done was the only thing that kept me going!

wednesday week 3

Friday was a fantastic run day.  I decided to do my weekend run this day because I had off from work since I’d be working Saturday.  I was a little nervous I’d be sore but I felt okay when I woke up so I decided to go for it.  And it was just a fantastic feeling run!  It had finally cooled down a bit so the weather was good.  This is my best pace time yet for any run so I’m very happy.

friday week 3

Ending with such a good run is really encouraging for the upcoming week!  Especially with a 4 mile run coming up next week.  Sometimes I feel okay doing longer than a 5k, but to be honest when it’s just training and not an actual race I start to get bored!  So we’ll see how that goes.

How about you?  How is your running going this week?



5 thoughts on “ToT 10 miler training: 16 weeks to go

  1. Great job on your training! Do you listen to anything while you run??? I listen to Disney podcasts and they make a WORLD of difference on my long runs. I love music but the time passes so much quicker with podcasts for me 🙂

    • Thanks! I mostly listen to music. I love podcasts and listen when I go for a walk, but I find that I keep my pace up better with music because it pushes me on more. But I do also love podcasts when I’m running on the treadmill because I can control my speed!

  2. Nice job on knocking it out! My running this week for my first full week of marathon training was great, although today’s run was awful.

    I love the tower of terror run! It is so fun!

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