Runner’s Guide: Kiss-a-Belle Boutique

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Disney races are all about tutus these days!  And that’s why I’m thrilled to bring you a great tutu seller on Etsy, Kiss-a-Belle Boutique.  She has some super cute ones that are available in her shop right now, but she’s also willing to create any Disney tutu that you want!  So if there’s a character you want to see represented in a tutu, send her a message and she will make something for you.


For this review I was sent a Snow White inspired tutu.  And when I opened the box and saw it, I immediately fell in love with.  So much so that I’m now strongly considering a Snow White costume for a future Disney race – she was not on the initial list of the many Disney characters I want to run as (I’m doing Alice in Wonderland this October, and for February I was deciding between Anna, Esmeralda, Elsa, and Vanellope).  I’m planning to do the Princess Half Marathon and the 5k in February, so now I’m thinking Snow White will definitely be my costume for one of those!

What’s important to you when it comes to a running tutu?  For me, there are a couple of things.  The first one is that the tutu is full looking and not skimpy.  And that is definitely not a problem with Kiss-a-Belle Boutique.  All of her tutus are made with over 75 yards of tulle.  She uses different colors based on the character tutu that you have.  I love her design for Snow White.  It’s simple but absolutely perfect for the character.


Another thing that’s really important to me is the length of the tutu.  I don’t want really long pieces of tulle hanging down, especially because they can get in between your legs and chafe them while you run.  Comfort is key!  And these tutus definitely run on the shorter side so that isn’t something you’ll have to worry about here.  And if you prefer your tutu longer or shorter, just contact her and she’ll make it happen!  It was very comfortable on the run I took it on, and it fit well.  I gave her my measurements and the tutu was spot on!


But wait – there was something else in the box!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that a headband was included, and I fell in love with that too.  I mean, how cute is it?  And again, it fits the character perfectly.  Matching headbands are available to purchase with all tutus – a link to the headband is found on the tutu description on Etsy.  The headband was very comfortable too.


And make sure you check out the Kiss-a-Belle facebook page!  There are all sorts of sales and coupons available there for fans that you can’t get on Etsy.  And make sure you check out the rest of the awesome items available in our Runner’s Gear Guide:

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