ToT 10 miler training: 15 weeks to go

Last week I shared a picture of the tutu I’m wearing for the race, so this week I figured I’d share the tank top!  And I mentioned I’m doing Alice in Wonderland.  It’s actually going to be a group costume with some other friends who are also going to be the Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter, and Tweedle Dee/Dum!  I got my tank top from Raw Threads, which makes a lot of fun Disney shirts.


This week’s training was the usual 30 minutes on Monday/Wednesday, and then a 4 mile one on the weekend.  I’ve done 4 miles before but not in a bit, since mid April.  So it would be the furthest I’ve ran in awhile.  Plus with all of the crazy hot weather we’ve been having, I knew it would be a little tough!

training week 4

Monday’s run was okay.  I did my half hour, kept the pace under 12 minutes, so I can’t complain too much.  It just wasn’t a good feeling run, you know what I mean?  Some days you run and it feels good, and some days it doesn’t.

monday week 4

Oh, Wednesday.  I had about an hour in between work and meeting a friend for the evening so I was going to squeeze my run in then.  It looked pretty nice out and had cooled down by the time I got out of work.  And I’m about 8 minutes into my run and the skies just open up and pour down on me.  I got completely and utterly soaked and had to call it quits early.  I did get a mile in, and at a fast pace for me, but that may have just been because I was going fast to try and get out of the rain!

wednesday week 4

On Friday I went for the 4 mile run.  Looking at these stats, I actually did much better than it felt like I did.  The first mile was good, but about halfway through the second mile my stomach was just not agreeing with the run.  Maybe I ate too much for lunch and it  was weighing me down, but it felt like I had to drag myself through that following mile.  I walked a lot.  But ultimately I finished with a pace of 12:20, which I’m happy about!  I originally said my goal was to stay under 12:30 and I’ve definitely been doing that on all of my runs!

friday week 4

And that’s the end of week 4!  Not too bad so far, and week 5 goes back to only a 2 mile run on the weekend, so plenty of time to ease into the longer distances.

How were your runs this week?


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