August 2014 monthly round up

It’s August, which means we’re about halfway through the summer!  Where does the time go?  Disney is keeping busy, certainly – there have been lots of interesting articles and news happening recently!


Disney in your Day news

We’ve finished up the resort restaurant tournament (for non signature resort restaurants), and the winner was Sanaa!  Be on the lookout for the signature competition to come in the fall.  Speaking of things that are ending, the Runner’s Guide reviews and giveaways are also wrapping up.  I have three more for you, and I’ll be on the lookout for any other great Disney running products in the future too!

But even though some things are ending, new ones are just beginning.  My Tower of Terror 10 miler training continues, and as I plan for my upcoming trip in October I’m getting more and more excited!  Something else new I’ve been thinking about: I want to go back and re-watch all the animated Disney movies, and I was thinking about chronicling that.  And finally, I’m also looking to feature any Disney weddings if anyone had a wedding there and would like a blog post – please contact me!

If you have ideas or want to contribute, please email me at!

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Nature Box Review


I know this isn’t really Disney related, but a lot of people have been asking me what I think about my new Nature Box subscription so I wanted to share.  If you’re not familiar with it, Nature Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a box of healthy snacks.  You can choose what they send or you can let them surprise you.  5 snacks are included per month with multiple servings per bag.  One month is $20, though if you sign up for multiple months at a time the price goes down.

For my first box I picked out three of my snacks and let them send me 2 surprises.  Well, they not only did that, but they sent a bonus 6th surprise snack as well!


My first choice was the bruschetta pretzel pops.  I love bruschetta and it sounded intriguing.  I know a lot of people were concerned with portion sizes.  This picture shows what they consider one “serving”, with 110 calories.  It doesn’t look like much but they’re pretty filling and held me over for about an hour and a half til my next little afternoon snack!  They are made with tomato and rosemary, and the overwhelming flavor is definitely the rosemary.  Personally, I love rosemary, so I loved these!  They were great and somewhat addicting, so I’m glad I counted out the serving size ahead of time because I’m sure I would’ve overindulged otherwise.  I’ll definitely get these again.

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ToT 10 miler training: 11 weeks to go


When you start running, it seems pretty simple.  Get some sneakers, go out, and run.  Maybe you need a water bottle.  Well, as you no doubt know if you’ve been following the reviews on my blog, there are lots of different things that can help making running easier!  One of the things I still am working on figuring out is fuel for longer runs.  Basically, a little extra energy or something to put into your stomach when you’re going to be out running for more than an hour!  I went to a local running store and got an assortment of the most popular fuels to try them out.

I tried the sports beans first – they didn’t bother me at all, but I didn’t notice much of a difference from when I normally run, either.  They tasted decent.  Then for a longer run I used a Gu gel, since I’ve heard so much about them.  I tried the strawberry banana one – the taste was fine, but the texture was ick!  I had to force it down (I only did half a shot since it was my first time trying it).  I don’t know if it was because of the gu or something else, but I felt really sick on that run.  I didn’t even end up taking the other half of the gel.  Finally, for last night’s run I tried the Clif shot bloks.  These actually tasted pretty good, and the best part is they seemed to give me some energy but didn’t make me feel sick!  I’ll still try everything else I bought, but so far the Clif shot bloks are the winner for me – tropical flavor!

week 8

Week 8 – still not too scary looking.  I’ve done 6 miles before – the Enchanted 10k and the Hershey 10k.  My time for the Enchanted 10k was with a 13:24 min/mile pace, and for Hershey it was 11:35 min/mile pace.  The races were only about two months apart, so it goes to show you what some training can do – and how much time you can add in a Disney race with character stops!

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Bucket List: Drink around the World in Epcot

bucket list drink around the world

During our December Disney trip, we decided to tackle that often talked about bucket list item that’s popular with Disney adults – drinking around the “World” in Epcot.  If you’re not familiar with the term, what it means is that you stop in every country in the World Showcase for a drink.  There’s 11 countries, so that’s 11 drinks in one afternoon or evening.  What makes this so much fun is the fact that a lot of the countries have some really unique drinks that you don’t normally get a chance to try!

We decided to spread them out throughout the day so that we wouldn’t be stumbling around or anything.  Plus we made sure to have plenty of food and snacks!  We started in Mexico and made our way over to Canada by the end of the evening.  If you’re curious, here’s the low down on what we tried in each country.


Mexico: La Cava del Tequila

Mexico is known for their margaritas, so we had a try them here!  We each got a different flavor – cucumber, blood orange, and passion fruit.  I loved mine (passion fruit) because it had a great sweet and tangy flavor – and I’m not usually a big margarita drinker!  They are high quality and delicious with a ton of flavor options, but they are also pricy – $13 per drink here, plus tip!

Norway – Akershus

We had dinner reservations at Akershus, so when we started around the World in the afternoon we skipped Norway and then came back to it, figuring we’d have our drinks with dinner.  There aren’t a lot of other options to have drinks in Norway.  We enjoyed the Stavanger (frozen blend of Raspberry, Vodka, and Linie Aquavit) and the Prince of Norway (blend of Apricot Brandy, Sloe Gin, Sour Mix and Orange Juice).

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Disney Resorts Restaurant Tournament: And the winner is…


It came down to two solid restaurant choices – Sanaa vs. Kona Café.  Both serving unique cuisine in some of the most popular resorts.  But which would win: the African influenced foods at Sanaa, or the tropical tastes of Kona?  Here’s your winner…

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Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: Sparkly Soul Headbands


There are lots of headband options out there for runners, but one of my absolute favorites is Sparkly Soul.  I’ve collected many different types over the past year or two, but when Sparkly Soul agreed to send me one for review I was excited because they look so pretty.  And I can honestly say that it is now the one that I wear most often!

Let’s start with the fit.  I’ve had other headbands that just didn’t fit quite right, and I even had one that fell off in the middle of a race and I had to jog back a little bit to pick it up.  However, my Sparkly Soul headband doesn’t seem to move at all.  It’s thin and light so you can hardly feel it, so I was a little worried that maybe it had fallen off – but no, it was exactly where I had left it!  I honestly can’t really feel that it’s there, but it does an excellent job of holding all of my hair back while I run.



And they look awesome!  They’re perfect for a Disney run, but especially a Princess run because I know most princesses love a little bling and sparkle!  They have their sparkly headbands in pretty much any color you can imagine, with various shades of colors as well (there are at least 3 different shades of pink you can get).  And if you don’t want just one color, there are striped headbands as well that had multiple colors on them.  If you’re not so into the sparkles, there are still options for you.  They have a line of satin headbands that also come in a variety of colors, as well as different patterns or logos.

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ToT 10 miler training: 12 weeks to go!


This isn’t exactly running related, but it is health related.  I recently purchased a subscription to Nature Box so I get sent healthy snacks once a month!  I received my first box about a week ago and I’m really happy with it.  I’m thinking about putting a review up on the blog, even though it’s not Disney related.  Eating healthy does make me a better runner, and running means I can do Disney races!

week 7

This week we’re up to week 7.

week 7 mon

On Monday I had my usual morning run before working the afternoon/evening.  This wasn’t too bad, about what I’ve been expecting from these half hour runs lately.  I’m very happy with a time under 11:30 min/mile!

week 7 wed

Wednesday was pretty up and down – literally!  I went to Valley Forge Park to run after work, and one thing about Pennsylvania is that you really can’t escape the hills.  As I’ve come to discover, while Valley Forge is a beautiful place to run, there are a ton of hills there too.  I was maintaining an awesome pace for the first half of my run as it was mostly downhill… but then the second half was mostly uphill and I was definitely feeling it.  Still, it all evened out – but I’m glad Florida isn’t as hilly as PA!

week 7 sat

Saturday was a really good run too.  I have to admit that I don’t really understand the concept of a “magic mile” yet.  I originally thought it meant to run the first mile slightly faster than usual, but upon re-reading it says “faster than your gentle pace.”  I’m not really sure what that is for me.  But for this day I just tried to do the first mile faster than I had been doing lately, and I finished the first in 10:20.  That’s crazy for me!  It slowed down a bit after that but still really really happy!  My times are doing well, now I just have to hope I can up my distances.

How have your workouts been going?

Lesser Known Disney treats

Most Disney fans, even casual ones, know the big snacks they have to try while they’re there: Dole whip, Mickey bar, Mickey shaped pretzel, turkey leg, zebra domes and school bread from Norway, to name a few (and if you haven’t heard of those, that might need to be its own separate blog post!).  In fact, some of these snacks are so popular they now have their own merchandise!  However, Disney offers a ton of great snacks, and while those famous ones are delicious, sometimes you just might want to try something new.  So here are some of the “lesser known Disney treats” that you might want to consider ordering on your next visit!

Hot Fudge Cookie Sundae


I saw a friend post a picture of this on her facebook and knew I had to try it.  I love ice cream, and combine that with cookies and you’ve got an unbeatable snack!  I hadn’t heard much about it until I saw that picture but I would love to try it on a future visit!  This is in the Magic Kingdom, at Storybook Treats.  Read about it on the Disney Food Blog.

Gourmet Cake Cups


Also in Fantasyland you can find Alice in Wonderland themed Cake Cups at the Cheshire Café.  They are like cupcakes, but they’re served in a cup like a parfait, so that the icing and cake is in layers.  The White Rabbit is white chocolate icing with yellow cake, while the Queen of Hearts is a strawberry shortcake one – that’s what I want to try!  Read about it on the Disney Food Blog.

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