ToT 10 miler training: 14 weeks to go

week 5

This was a week of experiments for me.  I decided to experiment with a few new things during my run, which you will see soon.  The weekend run was another short one (2 miles), so I decided to take advantage of that and do something longer for Wednesday (also because I didn’t work until the evening on Wednesday).  My original goal was not to really run, but just do a fast paced walk – for 10 miles.  I wanted to know what 10 miles felt like before I actually ran it.  As you’ll see soon, this turned out to be a little bit of a disaster…

week 5 mon

Monday was a great half hour run!  I like the fact that this plan has you doing half hour runs during the week for two reasons: the first is that I actually have the time to do them.  The second is that by running for the same amount of time every week, I can really start to see the difference in my average pace!  11:14 is my fastest pace yet and while I know I’m not at place where I could sustain that for longer runs, it still makes me very happy!

week 5 wed

I think my plan to walk 10 miles on Wednesday was a good one… but unfortunately I unknowingly picked the hottest day we’ve had so far.  When I stopped my run my phone said it was 95 degrees but felt like 104, and there was a heat advisory in the area to stay inside.  Which would explain why I only got about 6 miles in and then felt like I was going to collapse.  It was just too hot.  But for the 6 miles I did walk I kept a really nice pace for walking.  Since Disney’s min is 16 minutes/mile I feel very confident that I could walk that for Tower of Terror (not that I would, but as a last resort!), so it takes some of the worry away.  And then I went home, changed into my bathing suit, and jumped into the pool.  Since the pool is about a half mile walk from my house I guess I technically got 7 miles in this day.

week 5 saturday

This is the last short weekend run before I start alternating between longer runs and 3 mile runs with a magic mile.  I decided to try something new this time, and I listened to a podcast instead of music.  On the plus side, the time goes quicker this way.  On the negative side, I could feel that it was harder to push my pace and I was a little slower than I would like to be, especially with the pretty much perfect weather we had today.  I just find that music really pushes me on.  Maybe for my long runs I’ll try alternating between music and podcasts for when I get bored, and when I feel like I need a push.


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