ToT 10 miler training: 12 weeks to go!


This isn’t exactly running related, but it is health related.  I recently purchased a subscription to Nature Box so I get sent healthy snacks once a month!  I received my first box about a week ago and I’m really happy with it.  I’m thinking about putting a review up on the blog, even though it’s not Disney related.  Eating healthy does make me a better runner, and running means I can do Disney races!

week 7

This week we’re up to week 7.

week 7 mon

On Monday I had my usual morning run before working the afternoon/evening.  This wasn’t too bad, about what I’ve been expecting from these half hour runs lately.  I’m very happy with a time under 11:30 min/mile!

week 7 wed

Wednesday was pretty up and down – literally!  I went to Valley Forge Park to run after work, and one thing about Pennsylvania is that you really can’t escape the hills.  As I’ve come to discover, while Valley Forge is a beautiful place to run, there are a ton of hills there too.  I was maintaining an awesome pace for the first half of my run as it was mostly downhill… but then the second half was mostly uphill and I was definitely feeling it.  Still, it all evened out – but I’m glad Florida isn’t as hilly as PA!

week 7 sat

Saturday was a really good run too.  I have to admit that I don’t really understand the concept of a “magic mile” yet.  I originally thought it meant to run the first mile slightly faster than usual, but upon re-reading it says “faster than your gentle pace.”  I’m not really sure what that is for me.  But for this day I just tried to do the first mile faster than I had been doing lately, and I finished the first in 10:20.  That’s crazy for me!  It slowed down a bit after that but still really really happy!  My times are doing well, now I just have to hope I can up my distances.

How have your workouts been going?


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