Disney Resorts Restaurant Tournament: And the winner is…


It came down to two solid restaurant choices – Sanaa vs. Kona Café.  Both serving unique cuisine in some of the most popular resorts.  But which would win: the African influenced foods at Sanaa, or the tropical tastes of Kona?  Here’s your winner…



I have to say that out of all the tournaments so far, this is the result I actually agree with!  We adored Sanaa when we ate there in February and I will definitely be back.  The bread service appetizer is amazing, but the butter chicken I had was truly out of this world.  And with a view of the animals while you eat, it’s definitely a hard atmosphere to beat.

In case you missed it, here’s the breakdown of how each match up went:

resort-restaurants-part-1 round 5

Do you agree with the winner?  And stay tuned, because coming up we’ll have the resort restaurant tournament for the signature restaurants!

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