Nature Box Review


I know this isn’t really Disney related, but a lot of people have been asking me what I think about my new Nature Box subscription so I wanted to share.  If you’re not familiar with it, Nature Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a box of healthy snacks.  You can choose what they send or you can let them surprise you.  5 snacks are included per month with multiple servings per bag.  One month is $20, though if you sign up for multiple months at a time the price goes down.

For my first box I picked out three of my snacks and let them send me 2 surprises.  Well, they not only did that, but they sent a bonus 6th surprise snack as well!


My first choice was the bruschetta pretzel pops.  I love bruschetta and it sounded intriguing.  I know a lot of people were concerned with portion sizes.  This picture shows what they consider one “serving”, with 110 calories.  It doesn’t look like much but they’re pretty filling and held me over for about an hour and a half til my next little afternoon snack!  They are made with tomato and rosemary, and the overwhelming flavor is definitely the rosemary.  Personally, I love rosemary, so I loved these!  They were great and somewhat addicting, so I’m glad I counted out the serving size ahead of time because I’m sure I would’ve overindulged otherwise.  I’ll definitely get these again.

sweet potato fries

Baked sweet potato fries – I was really looking forward to these, but ultimately was disappointed.  They were spicy!  I enjoy a spicy food or snack, but this was a bit too much for me.  Not that the heat was too much, but the aftertaste was pretty bad.  It left my throat feeling scratchy for awhile after I ate them.  I would have much preferred it if they were just sweet potato fries with salt, and without the red pepper and spices they added.  I won’t be getting these again, and I’ll probably see if my husband wants to eat the rest of them.  The picture shows 2 servings, but since each serving was only 70 calories it didn’t seem too bad to have 2 at once.


PB&J Granola – this was one of my surprise snacks.  I’m not much of a granola eater.  I love granola bars but I don’t really know how to eat it otherwise!  I just had it as a snack.  A serving, half a cup, is 240 calories.  If you were having it as breakfast I could see that, but for just a snack I halved it and had 1/4 of a cup.  This was good!  Very peanut buttery. There wasn’t as much of the fruit as I would have liked, but I enjoyed it.  I probably won’t get it again for awhile because I don’t really eat granola, but if I got into it I would definitely have this kind again.


Citrus kick almonds – I like almonds as a filling healthy snack.  And these were so good!  They had some orange and lime flavoring that I really loved.  The calorie count as 170 for 1/4 cup, which is about standard for nuts.  I’ve been hooked on Trader Joe’s honey sesame almonds as a snack, but these were even better.  Probably my favorite thing out of the box!


Poppy Seed sticks – these were my “bonus” item that I hadn’t asked for.  They are really good – almost too good.  They’re so addicting that I could easily see myself eating the whole bag, and that would not be a good thing.  A serving has 160 calories, which is a little much for me given the fact that they aren’t super filling like the almonds are.  But I really enjoyed them and will probably get them again as long as I ration out my portions!


Cranberry Almond Squares – this was one of my surprises, and I will say that they taste amazing.  Unfortunately, there is a downfall.  Each serving is rather small and 150 calories each – and I didn’t find them very filling.  Though they have cranberries and almonds, a lot of the squares consist of puffed rice, which seems like mostly filler.  I could easily eat the whole bag – and that would be 600 calories.  So while they were probably the best tasting thing I had, I don’t know if I could get them again because it was just too tempting to eat too much!  But if you weren’t worried about calories these were great!

Overall I was really pleased with my nature box.  I got at least 3 things I would order again, but next month I’m looking forward to trying all new stuff.  So far I’d definitely say it’s worth the money.

If you’re interested, sign up through this link on Nature Box – you’ll get $10 off your first order!



One thought on “Nature Box Review

  1. Oooh, they have some new stuff since the last time I got a box. I canceled because I wound up eating more than I should have all at once and it totally defeated the purpose. I absolutely LOVED their corn chips. I think they may have been corn chips with flaxseed? Maybe.

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