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How many of you run at night, or early in the morning when it’s still dark out?  I’ve recently started nighttime runs in preparation for the Tower of Terror 10 miler, which starts at 10pm.  And while some things about nighttime running are great, it also brings with it a whole new set of challenges.  Mainly, the darkness.

nite beams hat

In comes Nite Beams.  They have a whole slew of awesome products that are specifically made for runners who are running in the dark.  I’ve tried out their stuff and it really makes a huge difference when it comes to running at night.  I’m more comfortable and I feel safer.  My parents don’t have to worry as much either now that I have these great products!  Let me go through some of my favorites with you.

nite beams hat 2

The hat and visor that they have has LED lights on the front and the back.  This not only makes you visible, it also helps light your way.  I run around my condo complex at night, and sometimes there is a street light out or an area that’s just not as bright.  I can still see just fine thanks to wearing this hat.  They are the brightest on the market and allow you to see 15-20 feet in front of you in pitch darkness.  They’re also completely washable.  But I found another use for them too besides running – wear them in a power outage!  During one of the summer storms we lost power for a couple of hours in the evening, and wearing one of these made it really simple to still see and function around the house.  And if a hat or visor is not your style, they now also offer skull caps and camo caps.

nite beams arm band

Another item that I love is the arm bands.  They recommend that you wear a set, one on each arm.  I feel a lot safer knowing that people and cars will be able to easily see me while I run.  They are bright LED lights that make you visible 1/4 of a mile in each direction.  They can also be worn in any weather – rain, snow, cold, heat – in fact, BP Oil has their workers using them in negative 60 degree weather!  The batteries last for about 80 hours and the armbands have a lifetime guarantee.  There are 3 sizes: 13 inch (which will fit about 95% of women), 15 inch (which will fit about 95% of men), and 19 inch (made for wearing over heavy coats).  They have Velcro and so will fit a variety of sizes. They also come in variety of fun colors: I have purple and green!

nite beams arm pouch

If you typically wear an arm pouch to hold your phone and other items, consider this one from Nite Beams if you’ll be running in the dark.  It lights up in the front, back, and the side to keep you visible.  It has a main pouch for your keys and phone, as well as an inner pocket for cards.  The pouch also makes it very easy to plug in headphones.  It’s comfy too!

nite beams shoelaces

And of course if you have your arms visible, you might also want to make sure you feet are visible too.  One easy way to do this is with glow shoelaces!  They’re also just plain fun.  They come in a variety of colors and glow vividly in the dark.  These would be great to wear for any nighttime races!  I am so excited to wear mine!  They were easy to put into my shoes and were a good length.

nite beam leash

Let’s say you want to walk the dog during your nighttime run.  Nite Beams has the perfect pet leash and collar for you.  They are visible up to 1/2 a mile in pitch darkless with LED lights.  These have become super popular and vets have commented on the great design of the leash – this one has a swivel feature that’s great for both runners and dogs so neither of you get jerked around.  The leash lights up on the front and the back so you have visibility from both sides.  Plus, they come in five different colors.

I also want to mention the fantastic customer service that Nite Beams has as well.  Someone from the company called me on the phone to personally walk me through all of the items and how to use them.  I thought that was just so nice!


I’ve been using my Nite Beam products so much now that I’m running in the evenings and they honestly do help so much both with seeing and feeling safe while I run.  I can’t recommend enough that you look into them if you will ever be running when it’s dark out.  However, the one thing I haven’t been able to test myself is the leash and collar, because, well… I don’t have a dog, and I don’t know that my cats would appreciate going out for a nighttime walk 😉  But since I can’t use them, I figured I’d give them away to one of my lucky readers!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is click the link below to fill out the Rafflecopter form.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 12th at 11:59 pm.  Good luck!

Click here to enter the giveaway!

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10 thoughts on “Giveaway! Runner’s Guide: Nite Beams

  1. Well, I will still worry about you but perhaps not as much now. And I think Samwise would love to go on a night run with you — you might not be able to keep up with him though!

  2. Since I do not get off work until 3am, I am forced to run at night when it’s too hot to run during the day. I try to run on well lit roads but also wear reflective gear

  3. I normally don’t run when it is too dark (start when the sun is on its way up), but we do have to walk the pup at night (we don’t have a yard, so any time he needs to go outside, we have to walk him) and would LOVE THIS FOR Walt The Wiener Dog!!

  4. I go running in the evenings. I make sure to stay in areas that are well lit and do not run with anything that can distract me.

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