Recipe: Anna and Elsa inspired drinks

Have you heard of Cocktails by Cody?  If not, you should probably go check out his facebook now.  He’s invented a ton of Disney inspired cocktails, and has a lot of them up on his facebook page.  He’s also working on a book with all of his recipes, including the exact measurements (which are missing from his facebook page, so you have to do a little bit of a experimenting and guessing).  I can’t wait until that e-book comes out as I’ll definitely be getting it, but until then the drinks that are available are a lot of fun to try and make!

For my Frozen themed birthday party I decided to try serving the two Frozen inspired drinks.  The first one is called Coldfront, and it is themed after Elsa.


Coldfront consists of white chocolate liqueur, peppermint schnapps, Malibu rum, and milk.  It’s a pretty unique combination – I wouldn’t think I’d enjoy milk in a cocktail, and Malibu rum really makes me think of summer and tropical drinks.  But everything worked together really well.  I think this was the favorite out of the two drinks.  It was surprisingly sweet as well as sharp thanks to the peppermint.  Very refreshing!


And then there’s Anna’s drink, the Warmfront:


This one was basically a sweet whiskey drink.  I’m not a huge whiskey fan, but this was still enjoyable.  A lot of the party guests felt it was a little too sweet – and that may have been because of our proportions of ingredients.  I’m thinking a little less amaretto next time so it doesn’t overpower the whiskey completely.  We served it cold but I bet it would be pretty good served warm too!


When we served them at the party we printed the cute graphics that Cody has for each cocktail so people would know what was in them – plus it added some good decoration for the Frozen theme!


Check out Cocktails by Cody’s facebook page – which ones are you most interested in trying?

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