Bestowed Subscription Box Review

Coming at you today with another non-Disney related, subscription box review.  This time the box is Bestowed, which I went with after being offered a discount of 3 months worth of boxes for $36.  It sounded interesting so I decided to give it a go!  The idea behind Bestowed is that they offer you healthy products, mostly snacks, and they are recommended by Heather Bauer.


Maybe August was not the best time to sign up, but I was rather disappointed with my first box, the September box.  It was billed as a “back to school” box, and a lot of the items seemed geared toward kids, of which I have none.  Nothing is full size either, but rather sampler sized or a one-serving packet.  Compared to NatureBox I’m much happier with that one and feel like I get more for my money!  Some of the stuff was good though.  Here’s a look at what was inside my box:

Funley’s Cheddar Super Crackers


This is a one serving, 100 calorie pack.  They tasted pretty much exactly like Cheeze-its, which is good since I love Cheeze-Its!  They are however made with all natural ingredients.  Like regular Cheeze-its they were a tasty snack but not a super filling one, which is something I’ve been seeking out more with my snacks.  Still, if you are craving a cheddar cracker but want something natural this is a good choice.  Although I will admit I was a little freaked out by the old people faces printed on the crackers!  A bit weird.

A box of 6 100 calorie packs costs $4.75, so this one pack was worth $0.79.  There was also a coupon for $1.00 off a Funley purchase but I don’t plan to use it as these aren’t easily accessible at my supermarket and I didn’t like them enough to go seek them out elsewhere.

Funley’s Cornbread Super Crackers


Similar deal to the above, except they are cornbread flavored.  I didn’t like the taste as much but it wasn’t bad.  The pack was 90 calories and worth $0.79.

GoodGreens Wellness Bar


I like the sound of this bar – it advertises itself as vegan and dairy-free, which is pretty cool.  I was excited to get the chocolate-raspberry flavor as I love that combination.  It tasted pretty good, but it was very chocolatey.  The entire outside is coated in a layer of chocolate, which made it feel more like a candy bar than anything else.  I could only eat half of it at a time due to the overpowering chocolate, but it made for a really nice, enjoyable snack.  Definitely good when you have a sweet craving!

The bars sell in packs of 12 for $29.88, making one bar $2.49.  That’s a bit much for me – I’m a big fan of Clif bars that I get for 99 cents and Kind bars for $1.49 at Wegmans.

Ocean’s Halo: Hot & Spicy Seaweed Chips


A 1 oz. bag, one serving, is 85 calories and makes a nice little snack.  I just finished the bag and I’m still not sure what I thought of it.  I was worried with the name that it would be too spicy, but it had just a little kick that was enough for me.  The seaweed thing though – well, it definitely tastes like seaweed and has that fishy sort of taste.  Not strong, but it’s there.  It didn’t bother me while I was eating them, but now, with the aftertaste – I don’t think it’s something I’d eat again.  I had been curious about seaweed chips though so I’m glad I got the chance to try them!

I had a hard time determining a MRP since they weren’t on the Ocean’s Halo website nor were they up on Bestowed yet, but according to Amazon 1 oz. would be about $1.33 for the bag.

Peeled Apple Clusters


These are crunchy little clusters that taste like apple.  A small serving in this bag but only 75 calories.  I really liked the taste of them because they do taste just like apples (and that is the main and one of the only ingredients.  It’s also one full serving of fruit.  However, it wasn’t the most filling snack I’ve had.  I was hungry again 20 minutes later.  I bet it would be a good size bag for kids though, and it’s definitely a tasty item!

A .63 oz bag sells for $2.19 (!) on their website.  I know that organic healthy snacks are going to be a little more expensive, but $2.19 for that teeny tiny bag seems insane.  If you really like them you can at least buy them in bulk to save a little money.

Plum Organic Mashups – Berry Puree


To be fair, this is marketed for kids.  It says kids right on it.  And maybe kids would love it, but it just wasn’t for me.  I love fruits and am happy to eat them in their natural fruit state.  I have no desire to drink my fruits in a mashed up form.  I can be sensitive to textures, and it just felt like I was eating baby food.  The flavor was okay but the texture really got to me.  I couldn’t finish it and had to throw it out.  I did read recently about some runners that use baby food instead of running fuel to get their nutrients, so maybe something like this would be a good option too!

On their website a box of 4 pouches is $3.99, so I’d figure one pouch to be about $1.00.

 Orgain Healthy Kids Nutritional Shake


As noted above, I’m not a huge fan of getting my nutrition in liquid form.  For whatever reason I’m also kind of picky with shake flavors.  This one was chocolate and it wasn’t bad, but I didn’t like it that much either.  A little too chocolatey for me, but I bet kids really like it!  It’s in an easy to drink juice box type container.  Orgain makes protein shakes for adults too, so I’m a little bummed I didn’t get one of those to try.

One shake is $2.69.



In addition to the food there were two non-food items in the box.  One was unburn, a sunburn relief gel.  I am very pale and sensitive to the sun, so I try to take every precaution not to get burnt in the first place.  I usually only get burnt maybe once a summer, so this probably (hopefully!) won’t get much use.  I like the fact that it’s a small container so I can throw it in with my travel stuff – and since the one they gave is only 2 ounces it could be brought on an airplane carry on too.  I haven’t tried it yet though.

One bottle this size sells for $3.47 at Walmart.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap


The other non-food item was a small container of organic dish soap.  This will definitely get used at my house since the kitchen sink always seems to be full of dishes!  However, it came in a lemon verbena scent, which is probably one of my least favorite scents.  Lemon just reminds me of cleaning supplies, haha.  The prices on their website aren’t too bad for full-sized bottles, and I like the idea of using more organic and biodegradable household products, so this is actually the one item I may actually buy again in the future (though in a different scent – honeysuckle, perhaps?)

A 16 oz. bottle is $3.99.  This sample bottle was 2 oz., making it worth about 50 cents.


Several coupons were included in my box as well.  Some were for a full product, while others were a discount off a purchase.  There was a couple for a yogurt worth $1.99 and a juice that is worth about $6.99.  Then there was $1.00 off Funley’s and $1.00 off Ocean’s Halo.

All told, the physical items in my box were worth $15.25.  If you include the coupons for a full item it’s $24.23.  However, that’s if you can find those things in your supermarket – it’s not always worth the effort to visit tons of stores to find one thing.  I was excited to try the Suja juice but wasn’t able to locate it 😦 The box costs $19 a month, though I got it discounted for $12 a month.  Still don’t feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth.  It was definitely a bummer to see so many “kid” items.  Disappointed with this first box, but I have a three month subscription so hopefully the next one will be better!


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