ToT 10 miler training: 4 weeks to go

week 14

It’s officially 25 days until I’m in Disney World, and 27 until I run the Tower of Terror 10 miler! I’m getting very excited about it.  My running shoes are getting a bit worn, so I’ll be buying new ones after the race.  Then training will start for the Princess Half Marathon – well, the Glass Slipper Challenge actually!  I actually missed a run for the very first time – I only got one of my 30 minute runs in during the week.  That’s what happens when you come back from vacation and jump right back into things!

week 14 tues

Tuesday night I managed to get in my 30 minute run after play rehearsal.  Not my best, but pretty much on par with what I’ve been doing so I’ll take it!

week 14 fri

Friday was a big day though.  I did 9.5 miles.  My time was good, and within keeping of my goal, but not as good as it had been for my last 8 mile run.  I attribute this to two major things: the first is that it’s been really hot and humid out.  The second is that I was planning to start my run earlier, around 7.  Due to uncontrollable circumstances I didn’t get home til 8, and didn’t get running til 8:30.  I don’t like to eat before my runs but I hadn’t eaten since lunch around 12:30, so I was very hungry in the middle of my run, and I know that wasn’t good.  But at least now I know that eating about 5-6 hours before a run is my ideal point for evening races!


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