Kill, Refurb, Marry: Disney Transportation

Kill:  Friendship Boats


Maybe I’m forgetting some things when it comes to transportation, but I’m only killing this because I didn’t have anything else I would have rather killed.  At the Boardwalk (and Beach Club, Yacht Club, and Swan/Dolphin) there is a boat that goes to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  It sounds nice, and I like a good boat ride.  But my experiences with it have been less than positive.  The boat ride takes a really long time.  I don’t remember how long but it felt like quite awhile for me to get from Boardwalk to HS.  Since it stops at a number of resorts you have to go along with it and wait for people to get on and off.  And if you’ve got a big crowd it may be a wait as well – especially if you’re travelling early in the morning or trying to get back to the resorts after the park closes.  I’m not a huge fan of killing it though because it’s one of the only ways to get around from this area aside from walking (which is my preference, really).  Maybe a faster boat?  Or build a monorail to Hollywood Studios 😉  Walt absolutely loved the monorail idea and I know he would love to see more of them!

Refurb: Buses


I know a lot of people might be tempted to kill the buses, because they are frustrating.  I admit that!  But when you are staying on property, they are a fantastic, free way to get around if you don’t have a car.  However, there are definitely some improvements that can be made.  Disney has already started on one – last time I visited Animal Kingdom Lodge, I was impressed with the screens that showed you how much time until the next bus arrives!  It was really neat and useful to see that.  I’m not sure how many other resorts might have that now but hopefully they all will soon.  I would also refurb it so that buses only go to one location.  I hate heading back from Animal Kingdom and having to stop at Blizzard Beach before I get back.  And finally, I would add buses that go from park to park for all of the 4 parks – it would make park hopping so much easier!

Marry: Boat to Downtown Disney


Unlike the above mentioned boats, which are too slow for my liking when I’m trying to get to the park, when I head to Downtown Disney I’m not usually on a strict time schedule.  So when I stay at Port Orleans Riverside I absolutely love taking the boat over to Downtown Disney.  It can be slow, but it’s also relaxing.  And it’s so pretty too.  I love Port Orleans Riverside in general, and having the boat there just adds to the ambiance.

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