ToT 10 miler training: 2 weeks left


We are only two weeks left, and it was quite a week of running!  I was signed up for a 5k on Saturday, so I decided to do my long run during the week, on Wednesday.  I tried my best to do everything I could to mimic race conditions, since it’s the last long run before Tower of Terror.  Crazy that it’s so close now!

week 16

On Monday I went for a run after work at Valley Forge park.  It’s so beautiful there, but it has some pretty huge hills.  The path I chose this time was mostly downhill one way so I thought I was making great time – and then I went to run the second half back to my car and I was dying.  Oof.  But still a really nice time overall so I can’t complain too much!

week 16 mon

Wednesday I was slated to do 11 miles, but I only did 10.  I dunno, I’m doing the 10 miler, so I feel like I can stop at 10 lol.  I know it’s better to have a little more endurance, but it was late when I was running.  I started around 9:30, and ate about 5 hours beforehand like I plan to do on race day.  I’m pretty thrilled with my time.  I keep reminding myself that my official time will be a lot slower when I stop for pictures and all, but it’s still nice to know I can do it at this pace!

week 16 wed

Saturday I had a 5k to run!  I signed up for the Philadelphia Rock n’ Roll 5k.  It was a ton of fun!  I went to the expo on Friday, which was great, and then the run Saturday morning.  It was an easy course.  Very flat, and you went halfway down the road and then back, basically.  But they had a DJ playing tunes while you ran for certain areas, and the weather was absolutely perfect for running.  I stunned myself by getting my fastest time ever!  I might have pushed a little too hard because I was definitely starting to slow toward the end, but overall I was extremely happy!  And they gave a medal for the 5k as well, which is awesome!

week 16 sat

I’ll be taking it easy for the next 10 days before I get to Disney!  No more than 3 miles until the big day!

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