Runner’s Guide: Fitletic Hydration Belt

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When I’m running long distances, there are a couple of things I definitely need.  Two of them include some sort of belt or way to carry my items, and water.  Water is essential for my running and I’ve found that my body needs a lot of it, and often when I run.  Some people are okay with just stopping at the water stations when they run, but it’s not enough for me.  So I always carry a water bottle with me.

However, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s a bit of a pain to be holding onto a water bottle the entire time you’re running.  It’s inconvenient and especially when you first start out, heavy.  Since it’s in one hand it also makes you feel lopsided.  Because of this I’d always been interested in trying out a hydration belt.


Fitletic has a wide variety to offer, with belts that have a pouch for holding other items as well as “holsters” for their water bottles.  The pouch is small, but will fit the essentials.  There is a color choice, and you can get the zippers in different colors.

The belt that I was given to review is the 12 oz one.  It comes with two water bottles that each hold 6 oz., and one is on each side.  They go in the holster and then have an elastic strap to hold them in securely.  I took the belt out for a run, and it worked very well.  The belt didn’t move around a lot, and the bottles didn’t feel heavy.  They were pretty easy to get in and out while I was running.


The only downfall for me was that this particular belt only held 12 oz. of water. Even on my shorter runs I usually drink about 20 oz.  However, the good news is that Fitletic has other options too.  There is one to hold 16 oz., but the one that intrigues me the most is the belt where you can add your own water bottles.  They say most bottles size 12-24 oz. should fit.  With two holsters, that means you might be able to carry as much as 48 oz.  I am strongly thinking about investing in this belt for when I start half marathons.  Water is the number one thing that gets me through my runs!


One of the really nice things about the Fitletic hydration belts is that they’re pretty affordable, too.  The belts range in price from about $38-50, which is a great deal considering the prices on many other companies.  If you’re a person that needs to have water when you run, and you’re looking for options aside from carrying your water bottle, I would definitely check them out!

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