Planning for the Food and Wine Festival


When you experience a great blog, it’s worth mentioning.  So I have to give a shout out to one of the absolute best Disney resources I’ve ever found (if you’re into dining) – the Disney Food Blog!  I’ll be experiencing the Food and Wine Festival for the first time soon, and this has been an invaluable resource.

Their information on the 2014 Food and Wine Festival includes complete menus with prices, as well as pictures of almost every time available.  There’s also a copy of the map so you know where all of the booths are located.  I had a blast going through all of these, and I came up with a list of everything I want to try.  Goodness knows I won’t get to all of it, but at least I’ll be prepared!


When I made my list, I literally just put down anything that seemed appealing to me.  This would be in the ideal world, where I have an unlimited stomach and budget 😉  Then I went through it and highlighted the items that were my “must try” items.  That way I’ll know what I want to try, and if I’m still hungry and have money left over I’ll also know my backup items.

While planning isn’t necessary, I know it will help me a lot.  I found the photos particularly useful – there were things that sounded okay but then when I saw them my mouth was watering.  And then there were things that sounded good to me but when I saw it I knew it was something I wouldn’t like.  I even listed the countries where nothing looked good to me – otherwise I would have been saying, “Wait, was there something in New Zealand I liked but I didn’t write it down?  I can’t remember!”  Curious about what caught my fancy?  Here’s my list:

fw 1 fw 2 fw 3

The grand total for everything on my list?  About $231.  Way too much!  Just the highlighted items?  About $96, which is just under my $100.  How will I actually do when I’m there!  We’ll see!

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