ToT 10 miler training: 1 week to go!!

Actually, in less than a week I will be running the 10 miler!  I’m so pumped and ready for it, but I’ll admit I’m a little bit nervous too.  It will be my farthest “official” 10 mile run.  Plus, it’s at night, and although I’ve been running in the evening to prepare my body, I haven’t spent a day in Disney before a long run before!  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing 🙂

week 17

This week was pretty much my last one of full training.  I’ll get in one or two runs before I head to Disney.  Even though they’ll be shorter runs, I’m going to try and slow my pace down so I can get used to running at around 11:30 – if I go any faster than that I know I’ll wear myself out on 10 miles.  Plus, I don’t want to risk hurting anything before the big race!

week 17 mon

The week was off to a bad start when I had to cut my run a little bit short on Monday.  My left leg just really started feeling sore and tight, and I knew after about 24 minutes I had to cut my losses and head home.  Sometimes it’s just better to know when you need to give in and stop.  It will be better in the long run! (pun intended).

week 17 wed

I did a lot of stretching and resting and Wednesday my leg, while still a little tight, was much better and I completed my half hour run with a time I was quite happy with.  It certainly wasn’t the PR of my last 5k, but for training runs I am honestly pretty thrilled with this.

week 17 fri

Friday my run was only slightly longer, since it was a 3 mile run and that’s just slightly over half an hour for me now.  It was one of those days where I just did not feel like going out and running, but I did it and better than I expected given how I was feeling that day.

These posts have helped keep me so accountable, even if only a handful of people are reading them.  I wanted to skip my Friday run so badly, but then I say to myself, “What will I write in my post if I skip?”  So thank you to anyone who is reading and keeping me motivated!


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