Carving a Tinkerbell pumpkin


At my place of work, we had to carve a pumpkin – and we decided to do Tinkerbell!  I’m super pleased with how it came out, and I wanted to share with you just how we did it.  We followed some of the instructions from this website, which I highly recommend you check out.



Here’s what we used:

  • Pumpkin
  • Carving tools/knife
  • Tinkerbell outline
  • drill


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Bucket List: Attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


This year was exciting because it was my very first time attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  If you haven’t been, there are a number of things to look forward to!



For me, one of the most exciting things about attending the Halloween Party is being able to wear a costume into Magic Kingdom park!  While kids can always dress up like princesses or pirates or whatever they like, adults are not normally allowed to wear costumes.  For this party though, that’s all different.  I got to dress up like a princess (Belle) and prance around Magic Kingdom.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Glass Slipper Challenge training – 17 weeks to go!


Only two weeks after the Tower of Terror 10 miler, and it’s time to start training for the Glass Slipper Challenge, happening in February!  The Challenge involves running the Enchanted 10k on Saturday, followed by the Princess Half Marathon on Sunday.  It’s a big goal, but I’m excited for it!  And what better way to start off training than with some new shoes?

gsc week 1

I’m once again using Jeff Galloway’s training plan.  I will admit that one of the things I’m most concerned with this time around is the weather.  Here in Pennsylvania it’s starting to get chilly.  It’s been raining a lot the past couple of weeks, and if this winter is anything like last year we’ll be inundated with snow.  I know there will be a lot of indoor training runs on the treadmill for me, but I’m hoping to get outside at least once a week.  I just happen to be super sensitive to the cold, so it’s difficult for me.

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Ipsy Review – October 2014


Ipsy is another one of my subscription boxes that I’ve started receiving monthly.  It contains five make-up items.  Most are a smaller sample size but you occasionally get full size items as well, and a cute make-up bag.  For $10 a month it really is a great deal!

The theme this month was “beauty candy,” and I received five items that I really enjoy.  The bag itself was cute, and I liked the color of it.  You get a small bag every month, so I’m thinking about using them to organize my make-up: lip gloss in one bag, eyeshadow in another, etc.  Here’s what was in my bag:


Star Looks Lipgloss – I really liked this.  I love lip gloss, and this one is a nice, neutral looking color.  It had a pleasant flavor and isn’t too thick.  The sample size we got was .3 oz., and I don’t know how big their full-size ones are, but I will guess that this is half the size, making it worth about $6.

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Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2014


This year was my very first time attending the Food and Wine festival, and I was so excited!  I didn’t get to try as much as I would have liked, but hopefully there will be future trips.  Due to being sick for half a day that I was planning for F&W, I also lost a little time.  But I still wanted to share with you all the things that I did try and what I thought of them.



Grilled Lamb Chop with Mint Pesto and Potato Crunchies – $6.25

Yum!  Everything about this dish was delicious.  The lamb was cooked well, and I loved the mint pesto (that might have been the best part).  The potato crunchies also added the perfect level of crunch and texture.  Definitely one of my top dishes from the festival!



Belgian Waffle with Berry Compote with Berry Compote and Whipped Cream – $3.50

This was the perfect dessert treat.  The waffle was very warm and right out of the waffle maker.  I loved the berries and whipped cream too.  Relatively simple, but very good!

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Make your own Belle Halloween costume


I was super excited about the chance to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the very first time, and if course one of the first things on my mind was my costume. I absolutely love costumes and getting dressed up.  Part of this may come from my experience in theater, but I will wear costumes whenever possible.  Halloween, of course, races, and murder mystery parties that we throw once or twice a year.  Of course for this year I was going to have to go with a Disney costume.


Since I went with a big group of friends, we all tried to do Disney costumes but didn’t want to duplicate anyone else. The answer for who I wanted to be was pretty obvious – I went with Belle, my absolute favorite princess.  We created a doc ahead of time where we signed up for our character, and I put my name down way back in May or something like that, and didn’t really think about it again til August.

I started searching around for Belle costumes, and found that there was nothing I really liked. All of the ones for women were either ridiculously expensive, very cheap looking and not authentic, or way too revealing.  So I decided I would have to try and create my own costume.  The process was frustrating at times, but I’m ultimately happy with how my costume turned out.  Since I’m not really a sewer I knew I wasn’t making anything from scratch – so here are the steps I took.

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Thoughts on Dumbo


Highlights: I really enjoyed this movie for a number of reasons.  It’s shorter than some of the other Disney movies, which I appreciate.  There’s also just so much cuteness going on, especially in the beginning with all of the baby animals!  The songs are good and the plot is simple but nice, and it definitely makes me emotional.

Low points: This movie makes me sad because of how much Dumbo is picked on!  Even though it’s ultimately a happy ending, it still really does tug at my heartstrings.  In the end it’s a story about bullying, and I know a lot of us can relate to that.  Also, while the pink elephant scene is fun, I think it goes on for too long.  It has nothing to do with the plot and ends up feeling like filler.

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Loot Crate Review – October 2014

loot crate

My friend gets the subscription box Loot Crate, which is full of great geeky stuff every month.  I haven’t done a post about it yet, so I figured now would be a good time.  He got his October box early (apparently there had been a mistake and they shipped some of the boxes early), so if you subscribe this may be new to you.  The theme this month was Fear, something which neither of us were super excited about – but the box turned out to be better than we thought!


The book this month came with the old fashioned red and blue 3D glasses – and the front cover and some of the pages inside were done in the old 3D style.


Exciting this month was the fact that a t-shirt was included.  The design is hilariously awesome.  My friend stated that he both “wanted to wear it all the time and yet never wanted to wear it.”  It’s particularly funny for him because he’s highly allergic to cats, while I love them.

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