Kill, Refurb, Marry: Food and Wine Booths

I’m excited about this Kill, Refurb, Marry because I just came back from visiting Food and Wine for the first time!  I didn’t get to try as much as I was hoping due to a couple of things, including getting sick during my trip and being mostly on my own for Food and Wine, so I didn’t have someone to share things with for a lot of it.  My stomach can only hold so much!  I’m sure that my Kill, Marry, Refurbs might be different if I had tried everything, but from what I experienced here were my choices:

Kill – Africa


When I made my master list of everything I would want to try and Food and Wine if I had an unlimited budget and stomach, there were only three booths that held no appeal to me whatsoever.  Those were New Zealand, Africa, and the Refreshment Port (hardly even a “booth” since it’s there all the time).  When I went back and looked at the menus again, Africa is the one that I really don’t think I would enjoy.  There are two food items, which contain mushrooms and/or onions, both of which I hate.  Even walking past the booth it did not smell appealing.  And there were a few drinks, none of which seemed special.  Africa could have some great flavors, but maybe it needs to be more focused.  Kill Africa and give us a Madagascar booth, or a South Africa booth, instead of lumping a whole bunch of countries into one booth.

Refurb – Desserts and Champagne


One of the best things I ate all festival was at this booth, and that was the dessert trio here.  It was so good, some of the best desserts I’ve had.  So why the refurb?  Because despite the fact that this was the desserts and champagne booth, there were almost no desserts here.  The trio, chocolate seashells (which seem a silly thing to have – I don’t necessarily consider candy a dessert), and the frozen s’mores which is A. more of a drink, and B. has gotten terrible reviews so I didn’t try it.  More desserts here would be great.  And some people might be into the champagne, but at a festival where I want to try a little bit of everything, I really don’t want to pay $12+ for a glass of something.  So while this booth had one amazing thing for me, I would like to see more.  I also don’t love the fact that there are a few booths that aren’t countries, but I’ll let it slide because I like them.

Marry – Scotland


This was such a hard choice.  Should I marry the booth that had the one thing I loved the most?  Or the one that had the most offerings overall that I enjoyed?  While my favorite dishes I tried were probably the lamb chop in Australia and the spicy hand roll in Japan (oh! and the watermelon juice from Terra!), I decided to go with Scotland because it offered multiple things that I really, really liked.  The scallop was great – it was a yummy scallop and the cheese/spinach/bacon mix that came with it was possibly even better.  I also tried the Innis and Gunn beer, which I loved. I only really started drinking beer the past year and I’m still getting to know what I like.  I wasn’t even originally planning to try it, but thanks to the reviews on Easy WDW I decided to try it – they described it as the second most unique beer at the festival, as well as being sweet, which I like.  I’m so glad I did because I think this may have been the best beer I’ve ever had!

kill refurb marry

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