New Haunted Mansion merchandise at Memento Mori


Disney recently opened a new store next to the Haunted Mansion called Memento Mori, selling all Haunted Mansion items. When I was there it hadn’t officially opened yet, but we got to visit the store during a soft opening. For those of you that didn’t get to see it yet or are curious about what’s in there, I wanted to share some of the merchandise you can expect to find.

While I enjoy the Haunted Mansion I’m not a diehard fan like some people are, but this gift shop really impressed me. I love the fact that Disney is doing all of this unique merchandise, and you can get things that aren’t your typical souvenirs.  I really hope Disney continues to do this sort of thing for the popular attractions!


Here’s a sampling of what they had when I was there:


A number of very nice looking figurines


A beautiful Haunted Mansion banner


Lots of artwork – both the expensive stuff and cheaper prints


One of my favorite items – the bookends. There were cute Haunted Mansion notebooks inbetween them.


A replica of the Haunted Mansion key


Top hats and picture frames

 P1110135 P1110140 P1110141

A number of t-shirts – I really like the ones that said “Foolish Mortals” and the Madam Leota one.


Seen here in addition to the t-shirts are chocolate bats and bride dolls


Christmas ornaments of the singing busts and hitchhiking ghosts, and toy figurines of the hitchhiking ghosts


Plates with the Haunted Mansion floor plan and HM wine glasses


Serving platter, apron, dish towels, and place mats


Phone cases next to a women’s Foolish Mortals tank


Haunted mansion Magic Band


I ended up making a purchase – a metal plaque that says Foolish Mortals. I thought it would be a nice Halloween decoration, though I bet big Haunted Mansion fans would like to have it in their house all year round!


Are you excited about this new shop? What would you most like to buy?


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