Stitch Fix Review

stitch fix

The subscription box I was most looking forward to getting was my Stitch Fix!  If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the concept: the company has you fill out a style profile, and you get assigned a stylist.  This person picks out 5 clothing items they thing you’ll like and mails them to you so you can try on everything at home.  You keep what you want and mail back the rest.  It costs $20 per month, but if you purchase anything that $20 gets applied toward the price of the item.

In order to try and infuse at least a little Disney into this post, since it is a Disney blog, I’m also going to rate each piece based on whether or not I would wear them in the parks.

Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse – $48

stitch fix 2

I really loved this shirt.  I’m not usually a fan of super hot pink, but I liked it here for some reason.  The shirt itself was so soft and I loved how it looked… but it was way too big.  You can’t really tell from the picture because I have both my hands on my hips, but I was swimming in it.  I realize now that I’ll have to change my shirt size to a medium for future shipments.  I would love to get this shirt again in a small.  I think this might be a nice shirt to wear to the parks in the wintertime, when it can be cool and you want something with longer sleeves, but it’s still Florida so you want it to be light as well!

Talia Embroidery Detail Split Neck Top – $48

stitch fix 1

This tank top had the same problem as the shirt – way too big on me.  It was an interesting design and I liked the color, but it was also see through.  I couldn’t see paying $48 for a tank top that I’d have to wear something under.  I bet it would be really good for the Disney parks though because it was so light and airy!

Ruben Tab-Sleeve Open Cardigan – $78

stitch fix 3

This cardigan was way too expensive.  It was probably the thinnest cardigan I’ve ever seen and nowhere near worth the price.  I also already have two white cardigans.  This just wasn’t anything special.  Maybe you could bring it to Disney in the cooler weather to have a light over piece, but I also would be a little worried about the white color getting dirty too easily.

Harriet Ikat Print Fit and Flare Dress – $48

stitch fix 4

As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love with it and I was only praying that it would fit.  Luckily, it did!  It’s definitely my style and one of my favorite colors.  I wore it the other day and it the material was so soft and nice – plus, I didn’t even realize at first but it has pockets!  I know not everyone likes to wear dresses to the parks, but I do.  This is definitely one I would wear in the summer because it’s so comfy and cute!

Benny Tiered Swing Skirt – $38

stitch fix 5

The skirt I was on the fence about when I saw it.  It seems like something I would wear, but I wasn’t sure if it would look good on me.  As it turned out, I really liked it.  The skirt was also the cheapest thing in my box, at $38.  With the neutral colors I think I could hopefully match it with a lot of things, though the coordination is what I really need to work on when it comes to fashion!  I would wear this to Disney as well, in any time of year – the fabric is light but sturdy and it feels well made.  You could even make it feel casual by matching it with a Disney t-shirt!

Ultimately I kept the dress and the skirt.  I really wanted that first shirt but it was just too big.  I’m super happy with my fix though – everything seemed to be the sort of style I would wear, and my stylist, Julie, really listened to what I wanted.  I’m signed up to get fixes every other month and I can’t wait for the next one!  If you’re interested in getting your own, sign up here!

What did you like best out of my box?  Have you gotten a Stitch Fix before?


9 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review

  1. I really loved everything you got! I actually got the exact same cardigan and agreed with everything you said, but I found I kept thinking about it … I ended up going to Old Navy and buying an off-white cardigan for a fraction of the price and I wear it all the time. Never would have picked it out for myself if it wasn’t for Stitch Fix!

    • I think your blog was the first place I ever heard about Stitch Fix – I agree that Old Navy is a great place for inexpensive, light cardigans! I have several from there, so another reason why I didn’t need this one.

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